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5 Best Remote Control Fan Brands in India 2023

Updated: May 17

A remote is a game-changer that gives us control at our fingertips and helps us operate devices from our comfort zone. Whether to switch on the TV, or turn off the AC, there are a number of things for which we depend on a remote.

Considering the fact that these remote control appliances contribute to a hassle-free life, some ceiling fan brands have recently revolutionized the fan market by introducing a remote to the fans.

Today there are many fan brands that are providing remote control fans but we have chosen the 5 Best Remote Control Fan Brands in India for you that stand out with many great features.

Best Remote Control Fan Brands in India

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How a Remote Control Fan Can Elevate Comfort in Daily Life

Those days are gone when you have to take a short walk to adjust the speed of a fan many leading ceiling fan brands in India have leveled up the version of fans by adding a remote in them.

Here are the ways how a remote control smart fan can make our lives easier:

  • A remote gives the power of control to everyone from children to old age people by restricting movement. Just one click and all you wanted from your fan are done.

  • No need to get disturbed while sleeping! You can easily adjust the fan’s speed with a remote with a single-button operation, that too within your reach.

  • A remote also upgrades your regular ceiling fans to smart ones by giving them an innovative appeal.

  • With a single remote in your hand, you can easily control multiple fans.

  • A remote also cuts the cost of maintenance of a wall regulator.

Top 5 Brands of Remote Control Fans in India

Many brands in the market offer remote control fans with unique features and various price ranges. However, we have dug deep to find the best remote control ceiling fans in India that can be valuable for investment.

1. Havells

Havells is one of the most trustworthy brands in India. It is not only a common brand that almost everyone knows and even owns too but also a big brand. It is also one of the popular fast-moving electrical goods brands in India.

Havells fans upgraded the standard of ordinary fans by introducing a remote control feature to them. They also have BLDC technology in their fans to make them energy efficient. Havells remote control BLDC fans are available in the range of Rs. 2699/-. These fans’ overall designs make them a perfect choice for your living rooms and bedrooms.

2. Crompton

Crompton is also another trusted and unfailing brand in India. This brand also contributes to the advancement of a fan whether it is by introducing a remote fan or BLDC technology.

Crompton provides a long warranty of 5 years on their fans. Their consumer support also claims to resolve the issue within 24-48 hours. Crompton BLDC fans with remote control range start from 3099/-. Crompton remote control fans are durable and noiseless.

3. Orient

Orient is one of the most traditional brands of conventional fans. But now Orient is not only known for its ordinary ceiling fan but also marked its name in upgraded ceiling fans. They also have started to add remotes to their fans along with technology. Some of their models even have lamps and lights attached to them to make them aesthetically charming.

This brand also has some models like Orient electric Subaris which have an under light as well as all weather operation function which gives warm air during winters. The range of Orient remote control fans starts from INR 2921/-

4. Atomberg

Atomberg is a brand that truly moved the future of ceiling fans by making BLDC fans successful as they not only worked on the energy efficiency and sustainability of a fan but also worked on making an ordinary fan to be aesthetically pleasing.

They have tried and succeeded in making an ordinary fan into a smart fan. Atomberg fans have multiple designs and color options that one could find which makes a ceiling fan more elegant. Their mostly fans have remote and also AI features to them. Atomberg remote control fan range starts from approx INR 3300/-

4. Polycab

Polycab is another growing brand in India that is trusted by many consumers. This brand is known for its quality as well as its green sustainable approach. However, it is best known for its wire and cables but also manufactures appliances like fans and other electrical goods.

Like most of the leading brands, Polycab is also working for the advancement of appliances. Talking about their fans, they have many options with a variable number of blades ranging from 3-bladed to 6-bladed fans. Polycab remote-control fans start at a price range of INR 2369/-


We hope that we have covered the vital pieces of information about the Best Remote Control Fan Brands in India and also helped you find the best remote-control fans.

If you are looking for a remote control fan for your home then you can go through this article and can compare what other features and models these brands are providing and decide what is best for you to buy.

FAQs About Brands of Remote Control Fans in India

1. How long do ceiling fan remote batteries last?

It Depends on which type of batteries we are using and can justify the life of the battery. Generally, ordinary batteries can last up to 4-5 months easily whereas good lithium batteries add longer life.

2. Can you buy new remotes for ceiling fans?

Yes, you can! If yours is already a remote control fan and somehow you lost or damaged it then, of course, you can buy a new remote of the same type.

3. Do ceiling fan remote controls need special batteries?

No, you can use normal AAA types of batteries which are easily available in the market.

4. What is the price range of remote control ceiling fans in India?

You can find remote control fans from a range of approx INR 1600/- currently Longway Creta is providing in this price range.

5. Are remote control fans good?

Yes, remote control fans are good as they are making a ceiling fan more accessible by giving control to your fingertips.

6. What are some best remote control ceiling fans in India for bedrooms?

There are various brands of remote control ceiling fans, but here are some of the best remote control ceiling fans in Indis for bedrooms are

  • Atomberg Renessa

  • Crompton Energion

  • Havells Efficiencia

  • Orient Electric I-Tome

  • Polycab Fantasy Neo


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