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Best 4 Blade Fans in India 2024

Updated: Jul 8

Best 4 Blade Ceiling Fans in India

Are you seeking an upgrade for your home to have an efficient cooling and aesthetic look? Then, we have the best 4 blade fans in India that are reliable and must have in every household. Nowadays, these fans are in the limelight due to their enhanced air delivery and efficient cooling potential.

The blades of a fan play an important role in generating air in a living space. When the fan has a greater number of blades, then it provides greater airflow. These ceiling fans stand out for their balanced performance and higher air delivery. Also, a 4 blade ceiling fan gives a rich look to your home.

We know that purchasing a perfect ceiling fan for your home can be a tough task. So we are here with the best 4 blade ceiling fans that can help you choose the perfect fan for your home.

Table of Content

Top 4 Blade Fans in India

1. Havells Leganza 4 Blade Fan

Havells Leganza 4 Blade Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for a ceiling fan that provides efficient cooling as well as an elegant look to your home, then Havells Leganza can be the ideal choice.

Havells is one of the most popular and reputed brands that has been leading the fans market for years. They are well known for their best quality electrical goods. Havells Leganza is a 4 blade fan that is in high demand due to its appearance and performance.

This 4 blade fan gives a more luxurious look than the other 3 blade fans. The 4 blades in the ceiling fans mean it delivers efficient air circulation throughout the living space.

This fan is suitable for rooms where Air conditioners are used. It increases the efficiency of ACs and makes the living space more cooler.

Here are the specifications of this fan which may help you to understand and make the better choice among the various options.


  • Energy consumption of 60 watts

  • Air delivery of 230 CMM

  • Speed of 350 RPM

  • Regulator operated

  • 2 years of warranty

  • Price range 4390/- (at Amazon)

Reasons to Buy

Reasons to Avoid

​Premium design

Only pair with AC’s

High air delivery with cool breeze

A bit expensive

Energy efficient

2. Orient Electric Quadro Ornament

Orient Electric Quadro Ornament 4 Blade Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric is one of the growing brands in the electrical goods market. Since 1954, this brand has been ruling not only in India but also in the international markets.

Orient Electric Quadro Ornament is a BEE star-rated ceiling fan, which means it is highly energy efficient and reduces expenses in your electricity bill. This fan comes in a sleek and modern design, which elevates the appeal of your home decor.

The efficiency of a ceiling fan relies on the number of blades, when the fan has more blades, it will create more airflow. Likewise, the Orient Electric fan has 4 blades, so it provides high quality and a cool breeze in every corner of the room.

When this fan is used with air conditioners, it increases the efficiency of ACs and cools the whole room or other living space. Moreover, Orient Electric can be the best choice for your home as it is the combination of better performance, modern design, and functionality.

However, let’s know about the specifications of this fan that are outlined below.


  • Energy consumption of 60 watts

  • Air delivery of 230 CMM

  • Speed of 320 RPM

  • Regulator operator

  • 4 colour options

  • 2 years of warranty

  • Price range 3914/- (at Amazon)

Reasons to Buy

Reasons to Avoid

Energy saving

​Only pair with AC’s

​Efficient air circulation

Elegant design


3. Usha Allure Deluxe

Usha Allure Deluxe 4 Blade Ceiling Fan

Usha is the oldest and most reputed international brand in electrical appliances. In India, it is one of the leading consumer durable manufacturing and marketing companies. Usha Electricals have gained popularity by offering reliable and good quality products since the beginning.

This fan delivers exceptional airflow while maintaining its high speed and has wide tip blades that help determine its performance.

The Usha Allure Deluxe is a 4 blade fan whose premium look is observable in its name only. This fan comes with a rich look design that uplifts the decor of your living space. By using this fan, you can save a lot more energy than a traditional fan and help in reducing the cost of electricity bills.

Here are the specifications of this fan which can help you to pick the best.


  • Energy consumption of 55 watts

  • Air delivery of 225 CMM

  • Speed of 330 RPM

  • Regulator operated

  • 5 unique colour options

  • 2 years of warranty

  • Price range 3290/- (at their website)

Reasons to Buy

​​Reasons to Avoid

Consume less energy

Only pair with AC’s

​Efficient cooling with powerful airflow

Deluxe design


4. Bajaj Regal Gold NXG

Bajaj Regal Gold NXG 4 blade Ceiling fan

Bajaj is a multinational company that provides strong-built ceiling fans with durability and reliability, also they promise to provide lasting air comfort. They take into account our requirements, what suits our lifestyle and what enhances our home decor.

Bajaj Regal is a 4 blade fan that consumes less energy and provides strong and powerful air in every corner of the room. In addition, these fans come with premium designs and add aesthetics to the living space.


  • Energy consumption of 65 watts

  • Air delivery of 225 CMM

  • Speed of 330 RPM

  • Regulator operated

  • 3 colour options

  • 2 years of warranty

  • Price range 3499/- (at Amazon)

​​Reasons to Buy

​​Reasons to Avoid

Powerful airflow

Only pair with AC’s

Energy efficient

Luxurious design


5. Havells Florence Energy Saving Fan

Havells Florence 4 Blade Ceiling Fan

Havells is one of the most reputed and trustworthy brands in the market of electrical goods. It is a well-known brand that everyone owns and has gained trust by providing durable and reliable electrical appliances.

Havells Florence has come with a unique design which is rare in today's market. This fan has an antique finish and gives a vintage appeal to your home interior. Those looking for a fan that provides a cooling breeze as well as add aesthetic then this model can be a perfect fit.

Let’s discuss about the specifications of this fan:


  • Energy consumption of 53 watts

  • Air delivery of 310 CMM

  • Speed of 218 RPM

  • Regulator operated

  • 4 colour options

  • 2 years of warranty

  • Price range 7898/- (at Amazon)

​​​Reasons to Buy

​​​Reasons to Avoid

Strong and efficient airflow

Only pair with AC’s

Save energy consumption


Antique and Luxurious design

The above-mentioned fans are the best 4 blade fans for your home as they combine the blended features of energy efficiency, superior performance, and aesthetics.

However, Havells, Bajaj, Usha, and Orient offer the best BLDC fans in India also in 3 blades models that are efficient and effective too.

4 Blade Fans Advantages and Disadvantages

There are a few advantages and disadvantages of these 4 blade fans that can meet your requirements and can help you make a better choice for your home. Let’s talk about their every possible pros and cons.

Advantages of the 4 Blade Fans

  1. Premium appeal: The 4 blade fan can give more appeal than the 3-blade fans as the extra blade in a fan adds a premium look to your home decor.

  2. Higher air delivery and cooling efficiency: Due to the greater number of blades, these 4 blade fans provide more air movement and cooling efficiency throughout the room. However, the number of blades is just one factor that affects the fan’s performance.

  3. Increase the efficiency of air conditioners: The 4 blade fans pair well with the ACs as they help to improve the air circulation with more cooling breeze.

  4. Less noisy: The additional blade in a ceiling fan can contribute to the silent operation by scattering the generated noise by the motor and airflow. This feature can add a pleasant atmosphere to your peaceful environment.

  5. Stability: The more blades in a ceiling fan increase the stability, due to the distribution of blades. With 4 blades, the fan’s weight and airflow evenly outspread and reduce the chances of wobbling or imbalance.

Disadvantages of 4 Blade Fans

  1. Costlier: Ceiling fans with more blades may be slightly pricey. Just like that, 4 blade fans are a bit costlier than 3-blade, this is because the design, manufacturing process, and added materials might contribute to the high cost.

  2. Overload on motor: A ceiling fan motor is designed to bear a certain load including weight and resistance from the blades. An extra blade in the ceiling fan can increase the load on the motor as more blades require more current to rotate.

  3. Limited options: The 3-blade ceiling fans have been used for years so the availability of these fans is in a wider range, while the market of 4 blade ceiling fans is growing so there might be a limited selection of styles and designs.

  4. Lower speed: A 4 blade ceiling fan may provide a slower speed than a 3-blade due to its aerodynamic drag. Because the presence of more blades can increase the resistance in the fan.

  5. Suitable only for cooler spaces: The 4 blade fans do work better in cooler spaces. Such fans are useful in rooms with air conditioners and might not help in hot weather.


In conclusion, these 4 blade fans in India offer a combination of performance, style, and efficiency. The extra blades in a ceiling fan provide extra air delivery and add extra luxury to your living space. These fans meet every requirement that you are looking for, whether it is modern aesthetics, efficient air circulation, or noiseless operation.

Before making your decision, consider your room size, style preferences, and energy efficiency. Stay comfortable and cool all year with these top-notch ceiling fans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is a 4 blade ceiling fan good?

Yes, a 4 blade ceiling fan is good for homes as it provides more powerful and efficient air all over the room than 3 blades, and also gives your home a premium look that uplifts the home decor.

Q2. How many blades are better for a fan?

Over the years, 2 and 3 blade ceiling fans have been used in homes for cooling breeze but technology has introduced 4, 5 and 6 blade ceiling fans. The more blades a fan has, the more it will be quieter and deliver powerful air circulation. However, more blades can increase the drag on the motor.

If we are talking about ceiling fans, then the 3-4 blade can be the ideal size according to your living space as they are balanced and provide an adequate amount of air.

Q3. Why are 4 blades better than 3 blades in fans?

The 4 blade fans tend to deliver more powerful air than the 3 blade and are quieter. When a 4 blade fan is paired with the air conditioner, it enhances the ACs cooling breeze all over the room.

Q4. Which is faster a 3-blade or 4 blade fan?

A 3-blade fan is faster than the 4 blade but a 4 blade fan has better air coverage all over the room with significant speed.

Q5. What are the Benefits of 4 blade fans?

The 4 blade ceiling fans offer a few impressive benefits such as high airflow distribution with better coverage, premium appeal, quieter operation, enhanced air delivery of air conditioners, and stability.


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