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BLDC Fans Advantages and Disadvantages 2024

Updated: Mar 30

BLDC FANS Advantages and Disadvantages

Wandering through one tab to another to get a thorough idea about the BLDC fans? Then instead of just taking half or irrelevant knowledge it's better to land at a place where all your questions will get answered.

BLDC or brushless motors are known for their energy efficiency. A fan with a BLDC motor is a perfect appliance to reduce electricity. But is that all about it?

BLDC fans have brought so much innovation to a fan that one could ever ask for. But before buying this fan do you know all the BLDC fan advantages and disadvantages?

In this article, we will discuss the BLDC fans advantages and disadvantages so that you get a deeper understanding and finalize your decision.

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Advantages of BLDC Fans

There are many more advantages for BLDC fans than we can think of and which makes it worth buying. Let's discuss every possible BLDC fan advantage.

Energy Saver:

BLDC technology's primary purpose is to shorten electricity consumption without compromising its functionality or performance. Just like some BLDC ceiling fans have the advantage of less electricity consumption.

They consume up to 60% less electricity as compared to conventional fans. These fans can help you to cut your electricity bill up to 1500-1600 INR

Aesthetically Appealing:

BLDC fan manufacturers have covered that extra mile to not only make the fans a smart appliance but to give the advantage of a fan being aesthetically charming also. They have given the wide options of colors and designs that can complement our ceiling and home.

They also provided LED lights within the fan, under lights in the ceiling fan, and all you can in a ceiling fan to make it pleasing.

Wide Voltage Range Compatible:

One of the most important and worth taking advantage of BLDC fans is that they perform exceptionally well even in a low voltage. These fans can spin smoothly in a wide range of voltage fluctuations without compromising their functionality.

This also helps in the reduction of blowing out of a fan which is generally seen during voltage fluctuations.

An Inverter Friendly:

BLDC fans advantage of being inverter-friendly is so much appreciable, especially during long power cuts in summer. A BLDC fan does not overburden the inverter as consumes low energy. 4 BLDC fans can run in the power consumption of 1 traditional fan.

These fans are inverter-compatible and can also be summer-friendly fans.

Silent Spinning:

One of the most commendable advantages of BLDC fans is that they do not add any extra noise to the environment while spinning. Its noiseless feature makes it the most appreciable and unique.

Whether it's your meditation time or nap time the fan will never annoy you due to its wheezing, squeaky, or humming noises.

Remote controlled:

Isn’t it good if a few buttons could add extra comfort to your day-to-day life? Well, BLDC fans give this advantage to you by adding remote to their fans. Through this, you can now control your fan speed with minimal or no movement at all.

This is an excellent benefit for handicapped or old age people. This remote is suitable for all age groups to use.

Green and sustainable:

BLDC fans advantages are not only limited to the enhancing technical or functional quality of fans but also giving contributions to a greener world. As BLDC is a carbonless technology that eliminates the carbon residual due to the spinning of a fan.

This technology leads to a green and sustainable approach to a greener world.

Disadvantages of BLDC Fans

If there are applauding facts about a product or technology then there must be some flaws also associated with it. So, here let's discuss the disadvantages of BLDC fans.


One of the most noticeable disadvantages of the BLDC fan is it's a little bit expensive compared to the normal fans. However, the fan pays for itself over the years as it saves up to INR1500-1600 annually on electricity bills.

Complex installation:

One of the major disadvantages of BLDC fans is it has complex wiring and only a BLDC electrician can install this fan. Ordinary electricians may find it a little hard to install it. The scarcity of BLDC fan electricians makes it tough for consumers to get it installed or case of any servicing of the fan.

The extra cost of batteries:

Unlike wall regulators which do not need any kind of batteries to work the remote that comes with a fan works on batteries which adds an extra cost of batteries every 4-5 months.

Low availability in local markets:

BLDC fans have more online approach and we can’t find every brand in our nearby markets. This makes its availability less or can say it's not reachable completely to offline customers.


There is more innovation in a fan than one can think of and we hope this article justifies this line. Through this article, we have made sure to cover every advantage and disadvantage of BLDC fans. We have hunted every possible information through the best possible platforms so you do not have to and presented the best to you in one place.

We hope after reading this you get a clear understanding of the BLDC fans advantages and disadvantages and can choose the best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the advantages of BLDC fans?

There are not one or two but many more advantages for BLDC fans.

  • Energy efficient

  • Aesthetically charming

  • Wide voltage functioning

  • Remote controlled fans

  • Noiseless spinning

  • Green and sustainable etc.

2. What is the disadvantage of BLDC fans?

There are not so many but indeed have some disadvantages for BLDC fans.

  • Expensive

  • Scarcity of BLDC electrician

  • The more online marketing approach

  • Complex wiring and installation

  • The extra cost of batteries

3. Are BLDC fans worth buying?

Yes BLDC fans are worth buying as they offer us the smarter version of fans with upgraded features. The features and advantages of BLDC fans worth talking about are:-

  • Various options for color options

  • Saves electricity bill by consuming less energy

  • Gives control of the fan in your hand by offering remote-controlled fans

  • Spins silently

  • Have a green and sustainable approach

4. Why BLDC fans are expensive?

  • BLDC fans are expensive because of the following reasons

  • Premium quality

  • Strong and sturdy build approach

  • Various features

  • Smart and upgraded technology

However, it is a one-time investment that pays for itself as it saves up to INR 1500-1600 on your electricity bill per year.

5. What is the full form of BLDC motors?

BLDC stands for the brushless direct current which mainly works on DC sources. This motor was first introduced in the 1960s mainly for big machines. However, this technology was first introduced to fans by brand superfans in India in 2006.


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