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5 Ceiling Fans Under 4000 with Comparison 2024

Updated: 3 days ago

Best Ceiling Fans Under 4000 in India

Do you want a ceiling fan under 4000 that can provide you with a cool breeze while saving your electricity bill? We considered your requirements and brought you the list of fans that come with a package of savings, quality air circulation, styling, and overall performance.

Ceiling fans have been an integral part of households for decades not only providing relief from sweltering heat but also giving the elegance touch to our homes. Here we are introducing you to ceiling fans under 4000 in India that meet most of your expectations whether it is functionality or styling.


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Top 5 Ceiling Fans Under 4000

There are various options available for ceiling fans within budget but it is quite a task to select the best fan for your home. Below is the list of some ceiling fans under 4000 with their features and specifications.

1. Havells Efficiencia Neo

Havells Efficiencia Neo

Havells is one of the reputed and well-known brands in electrical appliances. Havells has been providing reliable products including fans for years and has become the most trusted brand in India.

Havells Efficiencia Neo is a ceiling fan that utilizes the latest advanced BLDC technology, which is known to conserve energy. Efficiencia Neo is amongst the best BLDC fans and comes with a BEE 5-star rating which means it is highly energy efficient.

Its aerodynamic blades help to circulate optimal air all over the place. Its powerful motor and strong build provide long-lasting investment for your home. This fan has won the National Energy Conservation Award for its excellent performance.

This fan is a perfect blend of innovation and cost-effectiveness. Let’s delve into its specifications and features that make it an ideal choice for your home.


  • Energy Consumption of 26 watts

  • Air Delivery of 220 CMM

  • Speed of 350 RPM

  • Remote control

  • 5-speed control

  • Available in 2 colours

  • 2 years of warranty



Silent operation

Ordinary design

BLDC technology

No underlight

Highly energy efficient

Maximum airflow

Well-built and sturdy

Remote controlled

Inverter friendly

Low maintenance

2. Atomberg Renesa

Atomberg Renesa BLDC ceiling fan

When we talk about Atomberg, aesthetics, and functioning come first. Atomberg is the fastest-growing fan brand in India that has been leading since it came into the market. The Atomberg Renesa fan stands out as the technologically advanced option equipped with a BLDC motor.

The BLDC technology with a 5-star rating makes Renesa more power efficient and due to its exceptionally energy-saving performance, it has earned the award of National Energy Conservation.

Isn’t it interesting that the fan with a remote control feature is available for just under 4000, Renesa is one of those remote control fans that add extra convenience to users’ lives and allow them to control speed and modes effortlessly.

This fan has everything that you are looking for, it is stylish, innovative, cost-effective, and durable. Renesa is the one that lifts your living style and provides comfort throughout with its multi-functioning.


  • Energy Consumption of 35 watts

  • Air Delivery of 235 CMM

  • Speed of 360 RPM

  • IR remote controlled

  • 6-speed control

  • LED under light

  • Available in 8 colours

  • 2+1 years of warranty

  • Price range - 3,580/- (at amazon)


Save energy (consume 28 watts at 5 speed)

Create some noise while spinning

Enhanced air circulation

Durable and stable

Do not produce heat

IR remote control

Inverter compatible


3. Crompton Energion Hyperjet

Crompton Energion Hyperjet Ceiling fan

Crompton is another well-known and popular brand in electrical appliances. By offering quality fans along with other consumer goods, Crompton has made its place among the top ceiling fans in India.

The Energion Hyperjet ceiling fan is the perfect example of its commitment to quality. This fan has a slim powerful motor for effective cooling and a unique appearance for better air delivery.

It is the most suited fan for homes as it combines functionality, styling, and energy efficiency, and is suited for the environment as well due to its sustainable behaviour. Energion provides stable operation because it does not wobble while spinning, which ensures longevity and requires very low maintenance.

Anti-rust blades are an exceptional feature of Energion as they prevent the fan from rusting and dusting. Aren’t you surprised that all these features are in just one fan and that too at such a low cost? Check out for more features of the Crompton Energion Hyperjet fan.


  • Energy Consumption of 35 watts

  • Air Delivery of 220 CMM

  • Speed of 340 RPM

  • Remote control

  • 5 speed control

  • Available in 4 colours

  • 2 years of warranty

  • Price range - 2,449/- (at amazon)



Run on BLDC technology

Sleek design

Energy saver

No underlight

Superior airflow

Operated by remote


Sturdy and longer lifespan

Solar friendly

Anti-rust blades

Green and sustainable

4. Kuhl Prima A1

Kuhl Prima A1 BLDC ceiling fans

Kuhl is a popular fan brand synonymous with innovation and has gained the trust of people by providing quality and reliable fans. Kuhl Prima A1 is a fan that blends performance and aesthetics.

This Prima model of Kuhl is a 5-star rated fan that keeps you cool while consuming just 28 watts of power. It is a cost-effective fan, saving a huge cost on electricity bills and on maintenance due to its brushless motor.

Along with energy efficiency, it comes with many impressive features like noiseless spinning, and remote control, does not generate heat and does not wobble during operation due to its strong build. Take a look at its attributes for deep insights.


  • Energy Consumption of 28 watts

  • Air Delivery of 212 CMM

  • Speed of 330 RPM

  • Remote accessible

  • 5-speed control

  • Available in 4 colours

  • 2 years of warranty

  • Price range - 3,250/- (at amazon)



Extremely energy efficient

No underlight

Greater airflow

Takes time to start

Whisper-quiet operation

Powerful and stable motor

Remote controlled

Run 3 times longer on an inverter

Environment friendly

5. Orient Electric I Tome

Orient Electric I Tome BLDC Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric is a trusted name in the electrical appliances industry that designs ceiling fans by considering all the needs and requirements of its customers. Orient Electric I Tome is a BLDC fan that combines modern aesthetics and high performance.

This fan is known for its extreme energy efficiency and other remarkable features like remote control, serene operation, and eco-friendly, sturdy and well-built body. Its lightweight and stable body helps to provide balanced air circulation in every corner of the room.

The Electric I Tome is not only good for your comfort but also for your electricity bills. Featuring a high-quality motor it works well even at low and fluctuating voltages. Look into the traits of this fan.


  • Energy Consumption of 26 watts

  • Air Delivery of 220 CMM

  • Speed of 370 RPM

  • Remotely controlled

  • 5-speed control

  • Available in 6 colours

  • 3 years of warranty

  • Price range - 3,640/- (at amazon)



Exceptionally energy efficient

No under light

Advanced and balanced airflow

Create some noises while spinning

Low noise operation

Strong and durable motor

Compatible with inverters

Stylish design


In conclusion, now you can get relief from this hot weather with the above-mentioned ceiling fans under 4000. These listed fans offer a variety of features that make them an ideal pick for your home. With being budget-friendly, these fans are as equally amazing as those expensive fans. They are well-functioning, classy, save energy, and are friendly to the planet.

When it comes to satisfying all your needs and necessities just at this low price then these fans are the perfect investments. Now, having a cool breeze is not that pricey as these fans give more than expectations without burning a hole in your pocket. So, choose wisely and transform your ordinary living style into more comfortable and modern.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Ceiling Fan Brands offer 5 Star Rated Fans under 4000?

There are many fan brands out there that offer 5-star rated fans under 4000. However, Atomberg, Havells, Crompton, Orient, and Kuhl are some of the best fan brands providing 5-star rated fans.

Q2. Is there any 4-blade ceiling fan available under 4000 Budget?

Absolutely yes, there are several excellent 4-blade fans available within a budget of 4000. Some of the best 4 blade ceiling fans are Orient Electric Quadro Ornament, Usha Allure Deluxe, and Bajaj Regal Gold NXG. These fans usually provide an excellent balance of aesthetics and performance.

Q3. What are the top 3 fan brands?

There are several ceiling fan brands that have earned a reputation for providing high-quality and reliable ceiling fans. Crompton, Havells, and Atomberg are some of those brands that have maintained their place in the top list of fan brands.

Q4. Are BLDC fans good or bad?

BLDC fans are generally considered better than conventional fans due to their advanced BLDC motor and multi-functioning. They are more energy efficient, noiseless, durable, provide maximum air, stylish, eco-friendly, and wide voltage range.

Q5. How to select the perfect fan for your home?

There are a few parameters to consider when choosing a perfect fan for your home like energy consumption, design, fan size according to your room size, warranty, your budget, peaceful operation, and air delivery.


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