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Kuhl BLDC Fans: Cool Enough for the Indian Market?

Kuhl BLDC Fans  Cool Enough for the Indian Market?

Have you ever wondered whether Kuhl fans are really cool for the Indian Market?

When it comes to getting relief from hot weather, generally people rely on ceiling fans.

Recently, a new brand called Kuhl has introduced its BLDC fans, promising to deliver great performance and energy savings.

But the genuine question is that the Kuhl fans that are so hyped ‘Are they really a good choice for Indian homes’ like other BLDC fans or ‘Are they come among the best BLDC fans in India?

Let’s delve into this article to get an honest review of Kuhl BLDC fans and find out why Kuhl fans are not the coolest option.

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They are Overpriced?

Yes, Kuhl BLDC fans are not so cool for your pocket. Kuhl fans are quite costlier than the other BLDC fans.

Although they use advanced technology and provide good features, but there are also low-cost BLDC fans available in the fan market which utilise the same technology and provide equally great performance.

The higher price of Kuhl fans is the main reason for not being the coolest and most popular choice because most Indian families prefer affordable options rather than expensive ones.

Power Consumption

When we talk about BLDC fans, energy efficiency is the first thing that makes these fans worthwhile innovations.

Undoubtedly Kuhl fans are energy efficient as they are designed with BLDC motor but are less energy saver when compared to some other efficient BLDC fans.

Commonly, Kuhl BLDC fans consume 30 watts or more of energy while other BLDC fans consume less energy than these fans around 26-28 watts, contributing to greater savings in electricity bills.

When the preferences are energy savings then Kuhl fans might not be the coolest choice for homes.

Speed and Performance

The performance of ceiling fans is all that matters. BLDC fans are known for their energy efficiency and exceptional functioning.

However, Kuhl fans do not give as good performance as their hype is. On Amazon and Flipkart, these fans do not have such good ratings.

Customers claim that the air circulation and speed of these fans are not up to mark. These fans sometimes produce noise during the operation as per users experience.

In the fan market, there are high-functioning BLDC fans than Kuhl fans which provide superior air without creating noise.

Ordinary Designs

The design of the ceiling fan plays an important role along with its performance.

Ceiling fans enhance the beauty of the ceiling, so it is very important to choose the right fan for the home decor.

Many of Kuhl fans have very ordinary designs which do not look so appealing. Users often prefer a fan that not only works fine but is also visually appealing.

This also might be the reason for Kuhl fans not being the most desirable options for Indian homes.

After-Sales Services

After-sale service is crucial for any appliance, especially for advanced ones.

If Kuhl BLDC fans wear out, getting them repaired or finding the right parts can be challenging due to a shortage of service centres.

Many users find that the after-sales service of Kuhl fans is not as broad and reliable as it needs to be, this can be frustrating for users.

Customers give preference to the performance of fans as well as their post-purchase service, due to bad service, Kuhl fans are not popular choices for homeowners.


In conclusion, Kuhl BLDC fans have some good features but they also have some challenges for Indian homes. They are expensive, performance is not that impressive, are harder to repair, come in ordinary designs, and have limited after-sales service.

After installing Kuhl BLDC fans, users not find any unique difference. At a lower price than Kuhl fans, other brand fans offer quite great performance whether it is airflow and energy efficiency or easily repaired and classy designs.

The above reasons stated why Kuhl fans are not so cool options for Indian homes. To become a popular choice, Kuhl fans need to be more affordable and effective.


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