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Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India 2024

Updated: Jan 18

The ceiling fans are not only affordable appliances but also a very convenient option for the summer that too under your budget. So if you are searching for the ceiling fan brands in India then we have got you covered.

To add the absolute cool breeze to your life today, we are here to discuss the top ceiling fan brands in India. Although the market is packed with a lot of options and every day new brands are adding to the race but finding the best is our task so that you can have the best ceiling fans for your home.

Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India

Table of Content

Top 5 Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India

There are many leading fan companies in India available of the best ceiling fans in India however today we are going to discuss the top 5 chosen amongst the various best fan brand options available in the market of India. Our search for finding the best 5 is unbiased and transparent.

1. Havells :

Havells is one of the reputed and well-established brands of electrical equipment and appliances in India. It has even acquired the 125th position out of 1200 brands in the category of most trusted brands in India organized by Trust Research Advisory.

What's great?

  • Variety of fans

  • Quality assurance

  • Quick after services

  • Budget-friendly

  • Easy installment

2. Orient

Orient is a brand existing and excelled in the market for over 60 years. They are one of the popular manufacturers of electrical goods and appliances. Orient has a distinguished name, especially in the fan market in India.

What's great?

  • Affordable

  • Durable

  • Hassle-free warranty claims

  • Reliable

  • Robust performance

3. Atomberg

Atomberg fans are one of the known and best brands of ceiling fans in India. They are not sure about the decade-old brand but surely established their reputation in a short period. This brand was introduced with the fans but now over time, other electrical appliances are also sold by the Atomberg brand.

What's great?

  • Cool and stylish fans

  • Various designs and options

  • Energy efficient

  • Smart technology

  • 3 years warranty backup

4. Usha

Usha International is the brand that became popular with its sewing machines later Usha became a trusted brand not only for sewing machines but for other appliances or electrical goods too. They have always worked for the goodwill of their consumers.

What's great?

  • Budget-friendly

  • Reliable

  • Low maintenance

  • Excellent customer support

  • Easy installation

5. Crompton

Crompton is one of the leading and trustworthy fan companies in India. They are known for their quality and reliable products. This brand has a legacy of more than 90 years old.

What's great?

  • Affordable

  • Variety of fans

  • Warranty backup

  • Easy maintenance

  • Efficient performance


The market is full of various brands claiming to be the best but finding the best ceiling fan brand in India among them is the task. We hope this article guides you in choosing the best for your home to cool you down in these summers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should we pick the best ceiling fan for our home?

These are the factors that should be considered while buying any ceiling fan

  • Airspeed

  • Airflow

  • Blades size

  • Energy consumption

  • Voltage range working capability

  • Value for money

2. What are some best brands of ceiling fans in India?

The market is flooded with many brand options for ceiling fans but here are some of the best brands

  • Havells

  • Crompton

  • Atomberg

  • Usha

  • Orient

3. Are there any noiseless fan brands in India?

There are many ceiling fan brands in India which are providing the quietest fans. Here are some

  • Havells

  • Crompton

  • Superfan

  • Atomberg

  • Kuhl

4. Which fan blade size is better 1200mm or 600mm

Generally, 1200mm sized blade fans are the perfect choice for big rooms and the living space whereas 600mm sized blade fans are suitable for small spades like bathrooms or kitchen etc.

5. What are some best ceiling fan brands in India under 1500 rupees?

Some fan brands that are offering ceiling fans under 1500 INR are

  • Bajaj

  • Crompton

  • Usha

  • Polycab

  • luminous

6. Which ceiling fans are better, Crompton or Havells?

Crompton and Havells are both the well-reputed and trustworthy brands of India. Both are the best in their own ways. Lets see the features of each brands ceiling fans



​Quality assurance

Durable and reliable

Hassle free warranty claims

Quick customer support

Easy installation

Easy installation

Ordinary and smart fans both options available

Wide variety of types of fans


Budget friendly

Hope by this comparison you can choose the best amongst them.

7. What are the smart fans?

Smart fans are the BLDC technology fans that are offering us the smart features that were leaked by ordinary ceiling fans. The features of BLDC fans are

  • Energy efficient

  • Aesthetically appealing

  • Noiseless

  • Remote control

  • Wide voltage range functionality

  • Inverter friendly

  • Green and sustainable

8. What is the BLDC technology in the ceiling fans?

BLDC refers to the brushless direct current which mainly works on the DC source of energy. Earlier they were used for the big types of machinery in industries for energy efficiency but now it is also used in basic appliances like ceiling fans.

9. What are some best ceiling fan brands offering fans with more than 3 blades?

Here are some of the best brand options that offer ceiling fans with more than 3 blades.

  • Kuhl

  • Havells

  • Crompton

  • Usha

  • Orient

10. Is Atomberg a Chinese company?

No, Atomberg is an Indian company which is introduced in the year 2012. This brand is founded by the IIT graduates young boys Manoj Meena and Sibabrata Das. This brand has buzzed the market with the BLDC ceiling fans with its new features and the various color and design options that can add an aesthetic appeal to your ceilings.


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