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Best Smart Fans in India with IOT & Voice Control 2024

Updated: Jul 8

Best Smart Fans in India

Are you all set to revolutionize your home with a smart ceiling fan this summer? You must be thinking about what fan you should pick for your home, right?

Your answer is here, as after extensive research we brought you the best smart ceiling fans in India that are the finest innovation in the fan market.

This is the era of smart technology and everything is transforming into smarter ones so are ceiling fans. For decades, it’s been quite annoying to adjust a fan’s speed through a wall regulator.

However, the fan manufacturers thought about this concern and came up with the idea of operating a fan with the help of remote, mobile apps, or voice commands without getting out of your comfort.

Now, let’s talk about your home’s comfort and introduce you to some of the best smart fans so that you can easily make a wiser choice for your home as per your preferences.

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Why choose Smart Ceiling Fans?

Well, before making a purchase the obvious question comes to everyone's mind: why should we choose a smart fan for our home?

The answer lies in the convenience and comfort they provide in the daily tasks of homes. We are talking about their smart feature of controlling them through smartphones and voice commands.

Imagine controlling the breeze style at your fingertips by just tapping on the screen of the phone or you just need to say Alexa turn on the fan. Isn’t it wonderful that now controlling a ceiling fan is this easy?

Smart ceiling fans with their smart integration add an extra layer of ease and handiness to homes and bring modernity to homes. In addition, they save electricity consumption by their intelligent automation and scheduling features.

Other Key Features of Smart Fans

  • They are designed with advanced BLDC technology.

  • They consume less energy as compared to traditional fans.

  • They tend to have a longer lifespan due to their strong build.

  • Require less maintenance as they are less prone to wear off.

  • They work tremendously even at voltage fluctuation.

  • Also, they are compatible with inverters and can run 3 times longer.

  • Due to their brushless technology, they do not produce carbon emissions and contribute to more sustainable living.

List of Smart Ceiling Fans: Quick Review


Power Consumption

Control Type


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Crompton Greaves Silent Pro Enso Smart

60 Watts

Remote, Mobile App, and Voice Control

5 Years

Atomberg Renesa Smart

35 Watts

IoT and Remote Control

2+1 Years

Orient Electric I Tome Smart

28 Watts

Remote, Mobile App, and Voice Control

3 Years

Kuhl Brise E3

30 Watts

IoT and Remote Control

5 Years

Nex Dryft A95

41 Watts

Remote, Mobile App, and Voice Control

2 Years

1. Crompton Greaves Silent Pro Enso Smart

Crompton Greaves Silent Pro Enso Smart

Get the feel of smartness in your home with the Crompton Silent Pro Enso Smart fan which is not only smart but also offers unmatched comfort in homes with its beyond thinkable controlling features.

This is a BLDC technology-based fan, designed by Crompton which is a well-established Indian brand in electrical goods renowned for offering high quality products and Silent Pro Enso Smart is one of their exceptional innovation.

The Silent Pro Enso fan is integrated with IoT technology and top-notch features, allowing users to control it effortlessly through a smartphone app or voice.

Whether it is changing the speed of a fan, scheduling timer, or other customisation, this fan gives you all control of these adjustments at your fingertips and offers you unparalleled convenience.

This fan of Crompton creates a comfortable environment in homes with its seamless functioning and styling. Look at its specifications to help you make your choice more obvious.


  • BLDC Technology

  • Energy Consumption of 60 watts

  • Air Delivery: 240 CMM

  • Speed: 315 RPM

  • 5 years of warranty

  • Price Range of 7,999/- INR

Reasons to Buy

Reasons to Avoid

Saving 50% energy

After-sales service is not good

Higher Airflow


Silent Operation

Wide voltage range

Last long

2. Atomberg Renesa Smart

Atomberg Renesa Smart

When it comes to keeping your home smart as well as cool then Atomberg fans are among the list of best ceiling fans in India. The Renesa Smart fan is a charmer that delivers extraordinary air in homes.

This fan is designed with BLDC technology and equipped with diversified features, giving the next-level cooling experience.

The Renesa Smart fan comes with IoT-enabled features which means a fan can be controlled through mobile apps and a virtual assistant with wi-fi connectivity. It is compatible with smart home automation like Alexa or Google.

The breeze settings, turning on/off the fan, boost mode, and other needful settings all can be operated with one click or voice command without putting much effort.

Moreover, along with smart functioning, the Renesa takes care of users’ comfort by providing unparalleled cooling with serenity spinning.

Here are the specifications for a deeper understanding of this fan.


  • 5 Star rated

  • Energy Consumption of 35 watts

  • Air Delivery: 235 CMM

  • Speed: 360 RPM

  • 6-speed control

  • LED indicators

  • 2+1 years of warranty

  • Price Range of 4,099/- INR

Reasons to Buy

Reasons to Avoid

Saves up to 65% energy

Slightly noisy

Voice control

Green and sustainable

Run 3 times longer on inverter

Stronger built

3. Orient Electric I Tome Smart

Orient Electric I Tome Smart

Gone are the days when you used to operate your fan with a wall regulator because Orient Electric I Tome is here to ease your convenience by offering smart controls.

Orient Electric has made its mark in the fan industry and is renowned for providing reliable fans catering to different preferences and requirements.

Orient I Tome Smart is equipped with cutting-edge technology and is one of the top BLDC fans. This fan is integrated with IoT technology and unique customisations like sleep mode, boost mode, and timer mode.

The IoT customizations allow users to control a fan with the help of mobile apps, remote, and virtual assistants like Alexa or Google effortlessly.

Users can easily turn on/off this fan by raising their voices. The smart functioning and modern powerful design of this fan ensure smoother operation while consuming only 28 watts of energy.

Orient Electric I Tome Smart is a wonderful choice for those who are looking to elevate their home ambiance with modernity.

Check out the specifications of the I Tome Smart fan to make your choice easier.


  • BEE 5-star rated

  • BLDC motor

  • Energy Consumption of 28 watts

  • Air Delivery: 220 CMM

  • Speed: 370 RPM

  • LED light

  • 3 years of warranty

  • Price Range of 4,849/- IR

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Extreme energy efficient

Wobble while spinning

Elegant design

Maximum Airflow

Stable and steady operation

Whisper-quiet operation

4. Kuhl Brise E3

Kuhl Brise E3

Kuhl Brise E3 is a BLDC ceiling fan that takes your cooling experience to the next level. This fan is designed by Kuhl brand which is known for its unique designs with innovation.

When Kuhl Brise is here then no more need to walk to the wall regulator or interruptions in your sleep as this fan comes with top-notch IoT configurations to control your fan the way you want.

The uniquely designed Brise E3 fan can easily be controlled by voice command through the app and Alexa while sitting anywhere in the room seamlessly.

Moreover, this fan has a very unique feature of rotating its spinning in opposite direction to provide warm air in winter. In both two-way rotations, it ensure maximum air that reaches every corner of the room.

This fan offers many diversified features like heatless operation, noiseless spinning, inverter compatibility, and many more. For more understanding, explore the specifications of this fan.


  • Energy Consumption of 30 Watts

  • 5 star rated

  • Air Delivery: 225 CMM

  • Speed: 232 RPM

  • Reverse Mode

  • 6-speeds control

  • 5 years of warranty

  • Price range of 7,979/- INR

Reason to Buy

Reasons to Avoid

Saving 65% of energy


Quieter spinning

Classy design

Bi-directional rotation

Free Installation

5. Nex Dryft A95

Nex Dryft A95

In this smart era, add a touch of luxury and smartness to your home with the Nex Dryft A95 ceiling fan. Nex is the sub-fan brand of Bajaj which is a well-known name in the electrical appliances market.

This is a 5-star rated fan powered by BLDC technology which is known for its energy efficiency and remarkable performance with multiple smart customisations. This is an IoT and remote control fan, allowing users to operate it while sitting anywhere at a distance.

This uniquely designed Nex Dryft fan adds an extra layer of convenience in homes and saves effort and time on silly tasks like controlling the fan. Its IoT-integrated feature enables users to run a fan at their fingertips or voice.

This fan provides powerful air and seamless operation throughout. Due to its strong build high quality material, this fan does not break down easily and needs less maintenance which results in a longer lifespan. It is quite unthinkable that a fan works more than just giving air.

Nex Dryft A95 stands out as the modern choice for your home when it comes to making your home smart. Now, look for more specifications of this fan that can help you make a wise decision.


  • Energy Consumption of 41 watts

  • Brushless DC motor with 5 star rating

  • Air Delivery: 250 CMM

  • Speed: 340 RPM

  • 5-speed control

  • Dust-resistant

  • 2 years of warranty

  • Price Range of 10,125/- INR

Reasons to Buy

Reasons to avoid

Optimum Air circulation


ABS blades for low noise

Stylish appealing

Steady built

Free Installation

Are Smart Ceiling Fans Worth Buying?

We've talked so much about smart fans, their features and why we should choose them, but are they worth buying?

Smart fans are designed to provide comfort and make fan operating tasks easier. They offer numerous benefits over regular fans such as the convenience of controlling fans via smartphones and voice assistants with the help of internet connectivity.

These fans not only allow you to adjust them from anywhere but also offer other compelling features like energy saving, quieter spinning, performing well at low voltages, and durability.

However, smart fans are more expensive than traditional fans, their advanced features and convenience overpower the high cost and make them valuable investments in the long run.

If you value innovation, enhanced convenience, and smart features then smart fans can be a worthwhile purchase for your home.


In Conclusion, the above-mentioned fans stand out as the best smart fans in India if you are seeking to transform your home with a modern touch or want to add convenience in your home. The listed fans are integrated with smart technology and smart features such as they can controlled via apps, remote, and virtual assistants.

Furthermore, they are also equipped with other commendable features like quieter spinning, sustainable living, compatibility with inverter and low voltages, and do not produce heat and longevity.

These smart fans with their cutting-edge functioning, offering a seamless cooling experience to users as per their preferences and shine as the rising star in homes. So, no second thought when it comes to renovating your home, pick the right fan and bring charm to your home.


Q1. What are smart fans?

The smart fans are the ones that are equipped with innovative BLDC and IoT technology means the fans can be controlled via smartphone apps, voice, and remote easily.

Q2. Can I operate a smart fan with an Android phone?

Yes, you can easily operate your fan with the help of an android phone. All you need is Wi-fi connectivity to connect your fan with the app.

Q3. Are all BLDC fans smart fans?

No. Only those BLDC fans are smart which are equipped with IoT technology means compatible with virtual assistants like Alexa and Google, also with mobile applications.

Q4. Do smart fans consume more energy than regular fans?

No, smart fans do not consume

Q5. Are smart fans more powerful than ordinary fans?

Yes, smart fans are more powerful than ordinary fans because they are designed with a more powerful motor which is a BLDC motor.


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