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What is BLDC Motor? Explained

Updated: Jan 3

What is BLDC Motor?

BLDC motors or technology is the fastest growing technology. BLDC stands for the brushless direct current, which works on the DC source. This is the advanced technology used in many appliances nowadays, as it is reliable, energy-efficient, and a green and sustainable option.

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Origin and History of BLDC Motors

BLDC technology was first discovered in the 1960s by T.G Wilson and P.H Trickey. Earlier, this technology, or BLDC motors, was used only in big machinery and for industrial use due to its energy efficiency. However, this technology is used in big to small electrical appliances today.

Applications of the BLDC motors

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Air Conditioners

  • Electric vehicles

  • Refrigerator

  • Lab Equipments

  • Robotics

  • Pumps

  • Blowers

  • Washing machines

What is the difference between BLDC motors and normal motor

​BLDC Motors

​Normal Motors

Brushless technology

Brushed technology

Energy efficient

Not energy efficient

Energy input and output is same

​Energy output is low as compared to input given

Do not overheat

Generate heat

Do not produce carbon footprints

Produce carbon footprints

Wide voltage operation

High voltage operation

BLDC technology in a ceiling fan

Traditional ceiling fans usually work on conventional motors, but today, the BLDC motor in ceiling fans is overtaking the market. The BLDC ceiling fans surely create a buzz in the market due to their unique features.

Features of BLDC motor ceiling fans

  • The BLDC ceiling fans are energy-efficient. They consume 60-70% less energy than normal fans.

  • The BLDC fans do not generate heat while operating.

  • The amount of input and output energy is the same in the BLDC ceiling fan.

  • The BLDC fans have low voltage operation, which gives the wide voltage area functionality.

  • The BLDC ceiling fans are inverter-friendly fans.

  • The BLDC ceiling fans do not produce carbon footprints while operating, so it is a greener and a sustainable option.

  • The BLDC ceiling fans have a brushless technique and do not generate heat,

  • which prevents the sound of humming, creaking, etc., even at high speed.

Comparison table depicting the energy consumption of BLDC and Non-BLDC ceiling fans

​Speed of fan

Normal fan energy consumption (in watts)

BLDC fan energy consumption (in watts)


17 watts

7 watts


28 watts

10 watts


48 watts

15 watts


59 watts

21 watts


80 watts

30 watts

This table gives us the difference between the consumption of energy of normal ceiling fan vs BLDC ceiling fans clearly.

BEE Star Rating

BEE stands for bureau of energy efficiency and to have BEE star rated products or appliances you need to enroll in the BEE star labeling program. As per the new law now every ceiling fan either made in India or from outside needs to be BEE star rated labeled fan.

Each star depicts the energy consumption of an electrical appliance. The more the star rating of an appliance more it indicates the energy efficiency or saving


Searching all about a particular technology can be a task, but no more, as we have covered all the possible information about the BLDC technology in this article. We hope this can help you understand the technology better and also help you to choose the perfect fan for you.


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