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BLDC Fans vs Normal Fans: A Detailed Comparison 2024

Updated: Jul 4

BLDC Fans vs Normal Fans

Technology is upgrading for good, and so are our home appliances. As energy efficiency is one of the most discussed and concerned topics these days, industries are trying to manufacture products that consume minimum energy and give maximum output.

BLDC fans are one of the recent and most promising upgrades in ceiling fans that can save up to 65% of energy and spin at a higher speed than Normal fans. Apart from this, this new kind of energy-saver fan can benefit you in many more ways than you expect.

In this article, we have compared BLDC fans vs Normal fans to help you understand how they can be a better deal in case you are looking to purchase one for your home.

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BLDC Fans vs Normal Fans - Which is the better one?

Ceiling fans run on either carbon-brushed induction motors or brushless DC motors. There are many differences between BLDC motors and DC motors but the most important one is their energy consumption.

  • In a brushed DC motor, stationary magnets are used to create magnetic fields. Whereas in the case of BLDC fans, permanent magnets are used that convert AC into DC, making them more efficient to save energy.

  • Brushed motors generate heat due to friction whereas BLDC motors are heatless.

  • If you go deeper into their technicality, these are technologically more advanced, more powerful, and less energy-consuming than traditional ones.

BEE Star Rating:

We have reached the era where the BEE star rating of an appliance matters a lot when it comes to energy conservation. And BLDC fans follow these BEE guidelines diligently. BLDC ceiling fans come with higher BEE star rating and ensure greater energy efficiency.

The higher labeled rating of BLDC fans not only helps to reduce electricity consumption but also contributes to the broader objective of conserving energy and protecting the environment.

Power Consumption:

A normal fan consumes 70-80 watts on average, while a BLDC ceiling fan only takes up to 30 watts, saving around 50% of your electricity. When changing just one can save 1500- 1600 Rs. per year, think how much you can save on your electricity bill by replacing all of them in your home!

The following comparison of Power Consumption between BLDC Fan and Normal Fan


Power Consumption by BLDC Motor Fans (in Watts)

Power Consumption by Normal Ceiling Fans (in Watts)

















The whole point of any fan is to keep you cool and calm but their humming sound can be really disturbing. Whether it’s for your office or home, unwanted noise is always troublesome.

The friction of the carbon brushes is the main reason behind the noise. But with the brushless technology, you can experience cooler air without any noise. Thus, when comparing BLDC vs Normal Fan, we can call the former ones the Silent Performers!


A ceiling fan is a long-term investment and its durability plays an important role in its functioning. Generally, BLDC fans tend to have longer lifespans than regular fans due to their efficient motor design.

BLDC fans are built with fewer top-notch quality parts and have stable body, eliminating mechanical damage which leads to less maintenance and longer operation.

You don’t have to face bothersome due to frequent maintenance as the BLDC fans provide you hassle-free cooling experience.

Remote control Operation:

Normal fans come with a regulator for controlling speed. You don't have to get up from deep sleep to go to the regulator and change the fan speed as these advanced models come with a remote control that allows you to change the speed, switch mode, and even set a timer for On and Off.

If you are looking for a reliable BLDC fan, Crompton's Energion series is a great choice in this segment.

Environment Friendly:

Studies say that a normal fan yields almost 1.6 tons of carbon per year; in contrast, these advanced counterparts reduce 60% of carbon. This is how these energy-efficient variants that leave no carbon footprint can become the inspiration for environmental safety.

Performance Metrics:

When it comes to performance, BLDC fans are at the forefront as they are a great performer compared to normal ceiling fans. Furnished with cutting-edge technology, BLDC fans offer super effective operation whether it is air delivery or energy efficiency.

BLDC fans can run 3 times longer on an inverter and also perform well even at low voltages while maintaining a constant speed. The combination of a brushless motor and high-quality components ensures smoother and more reliable functioning.

Value for money :

When it comes to the comparison between Normal fans vs BLDC fans, their cost is a major point. Based on features and designs, the normal ones in India come in a range from Rs. 1500 to 3000. Whereas the price range of BLDC fans starts from Rs. 3000 because of the advanced technology, UI-operated motor, and high-quality copper wiring.

If you consider the overall cost (purchase price and running cost) of these super-efficient air propellers, they are a better and wiser deal. You can spend a bit more at the beginning because, in the long run, it will give you extra benefits in terms of :

  • saving electricity,

  • Saving power

  • Saving maintenance cost

A Quick Comparison Chart Between BLDC vs Normal Ceiling Fans

Comparison of BLDC Fan vs Normal Fan given in different  icons

Which Fan Should Choose: BLDC or Normal Ceiling Fan

Normal fans have been ruling the industry for years due to their quality and affordability. Ever since new BLDC fans were introduced in the fan market, the performance of normal fans has lessened.

With cutting-edge brushless technology and several diversified features, BLDC fans are providing upgraded cooling solutions in modern homes.

The choice between normal and BLDC ceiling fans totally depends on your personal preferences. If you are budget-conscious and prefer basic cooling then you can choose normal fans.

On the other hand, if you prioritise energy savings, longevity, quieter operation, and modern features then BLDC fans can be a great choice for your home.

Although the upfront cost of BLDC fans is slightly high but they pay for themselves by saving huge cost on electricity bills and maintenance, delivering cost-effective and reliable cooling solutions.


When comparing BLDC Fans vs Normal Fans, the former is a step ahead with its own advantages. These energy savers come with many advanced features that make them worth the extra expense. Not only can they benefit us personally by reducing our monthly electricity bill but can create a big difference on a global scale by saving energy.

You can have a look at the list of top BLDC fan manufacturers and choose the perfect one if you are buying a fan for yourself.


1. Are BLDC fans worth buying?

Yes! Considering their performance, durability, and low maintenance, they are undoubtedly worth buying fans.

2. Which fan is better BLDC Fan or Normal Fan?

BLDC fans are one step ahead in every feature- speed, airflow, performance, eco-friendly, and energy efficiency. And that's why we recommend BLDC fans over normal fans.

3. Are BLDC Fans slower than Normal fans?

NO! BLDC fans are, in fact, faster and better performers than normal ones.

4. What is the RPM of the BLDC Ceiling fan?

The average speed of BLDC fans is around 350 revolutions per minute. One variant of Havells Enticer BLDC Ceiling Fan delivers 380 revolutions per minute.

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