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How BLDC Fans are the Future of India

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Remember the time when we used to glow the filament bulbs in our home then later we switched to fluorescent bulbs and then the era of LED lights came and we never looked back.

After witnessing the success and awareness of LED lights the electrical goods appliances manufacturers now introduced the best BLDC ceiling fans in India that can be the future of Indian ceiling fans. By considering every demand of the newer generation as well as the future, the BLDC fans have been introduced to the market with unique features and effortless breeze.

However, the question is can BLDC fans in India be as successful as LED lights? So let's break down the parameters to solve this.

How BLDC Fans are the Future of India

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Why BLDC fans are the future of India?

A fan is an important appliance in every household but they are now not just for the breeze it can provide much more than that and we love to break the unique features of this fan to you.

Power savers

BLDC fans can also be called power savers due to their energy-saving ability. These fans consume 60-70% less energy than the old conventional fans. Hence gives the primary reason why you should switch to the BLDC fans. This will not only save energy but cuts your electricity bill too.

Let's do the simple math to simplify this

BLDC fan consumption

​30 watts

Number of hours fan spun

22 hours

Total wattage consumption

30x22= 660 watts

Normal fan consumption

70 watts

Number of hours fan spun

22 hours

Total wattage consumption

70x22= 1540

So, this proves that the BLDC fans have proved to be a revolutionary appliance for energy saving.

Aesthetic Appeal

The ceiling fans were always overlooked in terms of their transition but BLDC fans have changed this and transformed the ceiling fans in every way possible. Not only the functionality but the aesthetic appeal is also considered while manufacturing these fans.

These fans can be the perfect choice that can suit every type of house interior.

Whether it's the colors or the designs these fans have something for everyone's needs and demands. Not only it comes in various colors and designs but it also has under light features in it and also the option of a chandelier in your fan which adds the cherry on the top and makes it more charming and pleasing.

With the changing generation, everyone wants something unique in everything which can be unique as well as aesthetic, and BLDC fans are the future of these generations who want a little more in everything.


Whether it's the ceiling fan or any other appliances the factor of longevity plays an important role. The durability of the fan directly affects its lifespan of fans. BLDC fans also considered this and made sure to prove to the consumers the longer life span of their fans.

BLDC fans are built strongly and with premium parts and materials which reduces the chances of their blowing out. These fans also work on the brushless technique which means it does not produce any friction which reduces their wear and tear chances and hence it directly affects longevity.

The spark issues and chances of blowing out are less with these fans due to their strong and compact motor and capacitors which increases the life span of the fan. BLDC fans are surely the future of India as it is a one-time investment and no more dealing with the blown out or broken fans.

Remote control

Just think if a mere button pressing could control your fan speed. Wouldn't it be better and will end the fight between the siblings to walk to the regulator for controlling the speed of the fan?

BLDC fans have introduced the remote-controlled fan to ease your daily life a little bit more. Whether it's children or the old age grandma this remote is easily operated by all age groups with minimal or no movement at all. Now no need to get dependent on your grandchildren's for your fan control. All you have to do is push a button without even moving a bit and the speed is as you want. Not only speed but can also switch on and off the fan with the help of a remote.

A remote control appliance is a new future and BLDC fans also worked on the same and introduced the remote to their fans by making it perfect for the future needs of everyone.


Speed comes with the noise is what we have accepted with the old conventional fans. The annoying creaking, squawking, and humming sound are what we often deal with while spinning the fans and often ignore it despite being annoyed by it.

However, the BLDC fans are there to break this myth that speed comes with noise. With these fans, speed comes with the silent breeze only. It does not interfere with your nap or with any of your important work requiring concentration, for example, meditation or office meetings or your naps. BLDC fans do not mark their presence or add any extra noise in the environment while spinning.

The brushless technique is what prevents it from overheating. This prevents the humming sound and the durable and strengthened fitting of the parts which prevents any creaking and squawking sound. This commendable feature can also justify why BLDC fans are the future of India.

Wide Voltage Functionality

Are you fed up with the fluctuation of voltages and due to this are you facing the problem of your fan blowing out? This is the problem that we often face especially during the summers and due to this sometimes we have to switch off the fan to prevent the chances of blowing out and hindered functionality.

BLDC fans in India also solved this problem as these fans can spin even at low voltages without compromising their functionality. It offers a wide range of voltage functionality.

This feature of these fans is commendable and makes it worth trying and investing in.

This feature not only eases the spin of the fan but also saves the maintenance cost of the consumers. This makes the BLDC fans to be the future of India.

Green and Sustainable

With the rising global warming, every brand is now promoting a greener and more sustainable approach by every means. Everyone now is transparent and shows the yearly report to contribute to the progression of a greener world.

BLDC fans also considered this and contributed to a greener and more sustainable world. These fans spin on a brushless motor technique which makes or emits no carbon footprints and residuals during the spinning of fans.

This approach of these fans not only contributes to a better world but also proves that BLDC fans are the future of India.


We hope by this article we have turned every stone and provided you with a detailed report on the BLDC fans and its future approach. We hope this article will help you choose the right ceiling fan for your home. If you choose BLDC fans you are surely making a good investment.

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Mar 30, 2023


Thanks for this article. BLDC fans are much needed transition after the LED lights.


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