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USHA Heleous Bi-Directional Ceiling Fan- A Complete Review

Updated: Jan 18

USHA Heleous Bi-Directional Ceiling Fan Review

Are you someone who is searching for a ceiling fan that can be ideal for the summer as well as winter seasons? The process of finding a fan that can be a convenient option in both the hot and cold seasons can be a little tricky. Being a monitor of the fan market we understand the needs of the customers and that’s why today we have curated the best option of bi-directional ceiling fans.

We have searched and searched every store and finally got our hand on the Usha Heleous bi-directional ceiling fan which not only possesses reversible functionality but also has many more features like aesthetically appealing, energy efficient, high speed and air delivery, and much more which makes it a perfect option for your home.

To understand it more precisely let us see the Usha Heleous bi-directional fan review in detail and analyze how it is a perfect option for your home space.

Usha Heleous

Usha is an exceptional choice in the market if you are searching for a bi-directional ceiling fan with excellent functionality. Usha Heleous is one of the best BLDC fans in India, apart from the reversible or bi-directional feature, its energy efficiency, remote control feature, various color options, high speed, and air delivery make it a perfect pick for house owners looking for a ceiling fan that can be a perfect fit for their home.


  • The energy consumption is 43 watts of energy

  • Airspeed of 310 RPM

  • Air delivery of 260m3/min

  • Variations of colors

  • Aesthetic design

  • Remote controlled

  • Noiseless operation

  • Longer blade size of 1220 mm

  • The bi-directional feature can rotate in the reverse direction too

  • Multiple breeze modes- natural, sleep, normal

  • 2 years of warranty

​Reason To Buy

Reason to Avoid

​BLDC Technology fan

Slightly Expensive

Energy Efficient


Aesthetically Charming

Smart Remote Features

Value for Money

Why You Should Trust Us

Before presenting any ceiling fan to you we first assess the whole market whether it's an online store or an offline market to give you the best of the best product to make your shopping experience marvelous.

To find the best for you we have made assessment criteria that include energy efficiency, speed, radiant color options, aesthetic appeal, remote control, value for money, and additional features.

Let's break down these criteria to understand it better.

Energy Efficiency

Power consumption is a very important aspect to consider before buying any electric appliances. Power consumption is what decides our electricity bill in the long term and if we choose wisely we can save our electricity bill without compromising the functionality of our appliances.

Likewise, this usha Heleous ceiling fan can save on your electricity bill as it consumes 50% more energy than ordinary fans. This fan consumes only 43 watts of energy to breeze you.


The speed is what defines a ceiling fan truly. The high speed and air delivery are what help the ceiling fan to breeze and cool down the room or any space of your home.

The Usha Heleous fan rotates at the speed of 310 RPM (rotation per minute) by delivering the air by 260m3/min. We found it pretty impressive to cool you down in the summers and reversing it can give you a cosy comfortable space, especially in the summers.

Aesthetic Appeal and Color Options

Fans are known for their breezing ability however, with the changing times and trends, ceiling fans are seen to be an appliance that helps add aesthetics to your home decor and the ceilings.

Usha Heleous fan is available in 6 radiant colors with elegant design which makes it aesthetically appealing and adds cherry to our home interiors.

Remote Control and Additional Features

The fan which is controlled by a remote makes things a little bit easier in our daily lives like when we get all cozy in our bed and suddenly feel to change the speed of the fan, with a remote it will be far easier as compared to taking a walk to wall regulator leaving the comfort space.

Whether it is your niece or your grandma no one has to struggle to reach to wall regulator to control the fan speed as long as you have a remote. Like other BLDC remote control fans, Usha Heleous also comes with a remote that gives the accessibility of controlling a fan’s speed much more easily.

Not only the remote control but the fan has many more features like a bi-directional feature for all seasons. 3 breeze mode according to the comfort and excellent after services with a warranty of 2 years.

Value for Money

Value for money is always a relative parameter whenever we are out there assessing any appliance or gadgets for you. Value does not mean a high price but high performance and high quality which justifies each penny spent on that product.

Usha Heleous is one of the products that say for itself in terms of value for money metrics. It has excellent performance and commendable features which many ceiling fan lacks. This ceiling fan is a BIG yes if you are out there searching for a perfect ceiling fan for your home.


Searching for a perfect ceiling fan according to your needs is a big task when the market is flooded with options. However, we hope by this comprehensive review we have helped you get the fan of your perfect fit.


Q1. What do you mean by bi-directional fans?

Bi-directional ceiling fan means which can rotate in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Generally, the ceiling fan rotates in the anticlockwise direction but the bi-directional ceiling fan also rotates in the clockwise direction.

Q2. Which type of fan can be used in summer as well as winter?

A bi-directional ceiling fan can be used in both the summer as well as winter seasons. In summer it rotates in a clockwise direction to give us the chilling effect and cools down the room whereas in winter it rotates in a reverse direction that is in a clockwise direction which makes the heating appliance more efficient and makes our living area more cozy and comfortable.

Q3. How much is the price for the Usha Heleous ceiling fan?

Usha Heleous fan is available at the price of 7300 INR. However, the price range can vary according to the different e-commerce sites and also according to the color availability.


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