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5 Reasons Why BLDC Fans Are Unique from Normal Fans 2024

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

5 Reasons Why BLDC Fans are Unique from Normal Fans 2023

Summers are here and so is the reason to sweat all day. All you need is a perfect cooling appliance to keep you cool and dry, right? But what about the rising electricity bill? Does that worry you too? Well, in that case, we have the perfect solution to keeping you cool through BLDC ceiling fans.

These fans are made of brushless DC motors which consume around 65% less electricity than the traditional fans.

These fans come up with smart features and aesthetic designs, which not only give you upgraded comfort in hot seasons but also a good appeal to your interior.

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Let’s know more about these fans and learn how BLDC fans are unique from normal fans:

Power consumption:

A regular fan runs on an AC motor which consumes 70-80 watts on average and this leads to high power consumption. On the other hand, a BLDC ceiling fan runs on DC motors. It does not take much power to spin the fan and this fan consumes only 28-35 watts which is more energy efficient.

BLDC fans save your electricity bill while the normal fans might increase the expenses of your pocket.

All BLDC fans are 5-star rated fans because they are highly energy efficient.

Durable and Low Maintenance:

Whenever we buy electrical appliances we ensure that it lasts for a long time. A traditional fan runs on an AC motor which produces a lot of heat due to its friction in brushes and these fans need consistent maintenance, so such fans have a short lifespan.

Further, BLDC fans tend to have a longer life than regular fans because of their brushless motor and also they require low maintenance.


BLDC motors contain permanent magnets and high quality copper winding in the stator due to which fans produce less heat than the ordinary fans.

As the BLDC fans consume less energy so they can run on low voltage and also deliver fresh air with fine speed than the traditional fans.

Remote control:

We humans choose smartness over hard work. Changing the speed of the fan can be a tough task for regular fans every time when you have to walk to switch board.

BLDC fans provide you convenience by just giving a remote in your hands so that you can operate it while sitting anywhere.


Whether you are having an official meeting or just taking a nap, peace is what you want in your surroundings.

Some regular fans may make a lot of unwanted humming or squeaking noise, especially when running on low voltage or inverters which can be very disturbing at times.

On the other hand, BLDC fans are noiseless because of their advanced motor engineering. fans do not create disturbance.


BLDC fans are the best options, not only because they save on electricity but also because of their smart features and effective performance with longevity.

In short, these smart fans are sustainable, efficient, and stylish. All these features make it clear that BLDC fans are really unique from ordinary fans. You can play smart by choosing these power saving fans and get a chilling breeze in this hot-weather.


Q1. Are BLDC fan environment-friendly?

Yes, BLDC fans are very green towards the environment as they do not leave carbon footprints and consume less energy.

Q2. Are BLDC fans better than regular fans?

Yes, BLDC fans are way better than regular fans because of their performance and multiple functionality.

Q3. Do the regular fans have a remote facility?

There are some fan brands who provide remote services with the fan.

Q4. Do BLDC fans come with color options?

Yes, BLDC fans come with many color options along with the latest design. You can choose as per your home decor.


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