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Bajaj Energos BLDC Ceiling Fans: Comprehensive Review 2024

Updated: Jun 20

Bajaj Energos Ceiling Fans Review

Do you know choosing a ceiling fan can make a notable difference in your home? A ceiling fan can uplift or degrade your home comfort by oneself. So this summer upgrade your home with Bajaj Energos BLDC fans. 

Well, a ceiling fan is an integral part of a household which provides relief from hotter days, and for continued comfort, it is very important to have the right fan in your home. 

Bajaj BLDC fans are setting the benchmark in the fan industry and made a place in the list of the best BLDC fans in India due to their high-quality performance and energy-saving abilities. 

But the question is ‘Are they worth buying or are they able to provide exceptional output?’

Explore this article to find the answer to your question and a detailed comprehension of the review of Bajaj Energos BLDC ceiling fans and the reasons that set them apart from different fans.

Why Choose Bajaj Energos for Your Home

Bajaj Electricals is a leading and well-known name in the consumer appliances industry which is renowned for its high-quality and economical products.

Bajaj has introduced Bajaj Energos BLDC fans to cater for the specific needs and requirements of customers which reflect the commitment to energy efficiency, innovation, and reliability.

The Energos series of Bajaj are designed with innovative brushless motors and top-notch materials which ensure remarkable performance with durability.

With brushless DC motors, Bajaj Energos fans are an extreme energy saver which consume significantly less energy than traditional fans, leading to costs saving on electricity bills while reducing carbon emissions.

The precise combination of powerful motor and aerodynamic blades ensure exceptional consistent airflow and stable operation, Energos fans help keep the home cool and comfortable.

Due to the absence of brushes, the Bajaj Energos fans require less maintenance as they do not produce heat and have less chance of wear and tear which leads to extending lifespan.

Moreover, they contribute to a serene environment by offering smoother and quieter airflow.

The sleek and modern designs of these fans can blend with any kind of room decor and can give an elegant touch.

Bajaj Energos fans are the ideal choice for your home as they not only enhance your cooling experience but also comfort by offering a handy remote for effortless control.

1. Bajaj Energos 12DC5R

Bajaj Energos 12DC5R


  • BEE 5-star ratings

  • Energy Consumption of 26 watts

  • Air Delivery of 215 CMM

  • Speed of 340 RPM

  • Remote control

  • 5 Speed Control

  • Available in 3 colors

  • 2 years of warranty

  • Price range of INR 2,649/-

2. Bajaj Energos 26


  • 5 star rated

  • Energy Consumption of 26 watts

  • Air Delivery of 215 CMM

  • Speed of 350 RPM

  • Remote control

  • 5 Speed Control

  • Available in 3 colors

  • 5 years of warranty

  • Price range of INR 2,899/-

Key Features of Bajaj Energos BLDC Fans

Power Saving: When it comes to conserving energy then nothing can beat Bajaj Energos fans. With BLDC motors and 5-star ratings, these fans consume only 26 watts of energy at the highest speed without compromising their performance.

By consuming significantly less energy, these fans save up to 65% of energy and save around 1500-1600 rupees on electricity bills within a year.

If your preference is to have adequate airflow with energy savings then Bajaj Energos fans are an excellent selection for your home.

Air Delivery: Bajaj fans are known for their performance and reliability, they never dissatisfy you. Integrated with a high-grade motor and precisely angled blade, the Energos provide excellent air circulation throughout the living space.

With an air delivery of 215 CMM, these fans make sure to cover every corner of the room by moving air and creating a comfortable environment.

Moreover, they offer multiple speed settings through which you can set the breeze according to your mood and room temperature. The Energos fans are absolutely a great choice when it comes to good air delivery.

Whisper-Quiet Spinning: The silent functioning of Bajaj fans is quite impressive, yes you heard it right. The Energos fans take care of your peace and quiet ambience by providing noiseless air.

The brushless motor in Bajaj Energos fans ensures quieter operation without creating any squeaking noise as the absence of brushes lacks the friction which causes noise.

Now no more distractions and complaints about noisy fans because Bajaj fans bring you the solution and peace to your home. These fans are best suitable for bedrooms, study rooms, offices, and pooja ghar where minimal noise is desired.

Remote control: The remote control feature is basically the finest innovation in BLDC ceiling fans. The Energos fans come with a user-friendly remote to enhance your cooling experience.

With multiple customisations including speed, timer setting, and boost mode, these fans allow you to control them at your fingertips as per your requirements.

This feature helps you take naps without interruptions, especially at night when you want to turn off the fan at midnight, you can simply set the timer to turn off the fan automatically.

Sturdy Build: It is not possible that Bajaj fans do not have strong build and are not durable. Likewise other Bajaj fans, the Energos series is known for its sturdy build with top-tier materials.

These fans offer stable and wobble-free operation due to the powerful brushless motor, preventing fans from mechanical damage which leads to less maintenance and increases their durability.

Additionally, the Energos fans come with a good warranty period, offering assurance about its lifespan and efficiency.

If good performance and longevity are your concerns then Bajaj Energos fans satisfy your preferences.

Bajaj Energos Fans: Pros and Cons


  • Highly energy-efficient

  • Silent operation

  • Optimum air delivery

  • Handy remote to control with timer function

  • Sleek design


  • Customers claim that speed is not that up to the mark

  • Remote doesn’t work properly


In conclusion, we have given an unbiased detailed review of the Bajaj Energos BLDC ceiling fans which stand out as the nicest choice for homes because of the above good reasons. The Energos fans are shining out in the market due to their energy efficiency and exceptional performance.

From higher air delivery and high energy saving to remote control features and long-lasting operation, the Energos fans are offering an upgraded cooling solution with cost-effectiveness.

Moreover, they help in huge savings by reducing electricity consumption and also contributing to sustainable living. The one more applaudable thing about this series is that they can perform well even at low voltage without compromising their constant speed.

For such reasons, these fans got very good reviews and feedback on e-commerce websites and have become favourite economical choices for many homeowners.

If you prioritise cost savings on utility bills and highly functional fans then Bajaj Energos fans are here to cater for your requirements and prove to be a valuable and worthwhile investment. Ultimately, the best selection of a fan for your home totally depends on your personal preferences and needs.


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