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Atomberg Renesa BLDC Fan: A Comprehensive Review 2024

Atomberg Renesa Review

It is the summer season and we need cooling appliances to keep ourselves and our house cool. In households, a ceiling fan is the staple and primary cooling appliance that every homeowner owns and it is a must to not compromise on choosing ceiling fans. So, we came up with the in-depth Atomberg Renesa review to enhance your cooling experience in these hotter months.

Atomberg Renesa ceiling fan has emerged as a revolutionary player in the fan market and stands out as the best BLDC fan in India that can impress you with its smart technology and functioning. This fan is not just to provide a chill breeze in your living but also to do so with energy saving and reliable performance.

Atomberg fans are designed to give unmatched cooling with advanced features. Renesa’s high-quality engineer with the strong assembling of mechanical parts provides smooth and seamless operation.

If you need a fan that can keep you cool and provide comfort, then the Atomberg Renesa ceiling fan can be an ideal and cost-effective pick for your home. Let’s see the detailed review on this fan and know how it can be worth buying.

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Why Should You Trust Atomberg Renesa

The Atomberg Renesa is a BEE 5-star rated ceiling fan and best-selling fan in India. It earns trust through its commitment to innovation and reduced energy consumption with smart features. Renesa offers a seamless and technologically advanced user experience.

This fan provides beyond ordinary, its compact size motor and stable design ensure effective air. After deep research on BLDC ceiling fans, Atomberg Renesa comes out as the best fan among all fans, this is not said by us, it is proven by its ability to give more than normal fans.

Here we bring you some parameters, specifications, and pros and cons that justify why an Atomberg fan should be at your home. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Energy Consumption of 35 watts

  • Air Delivery of 235 CMM

  • Speed of 360 RPM

  • IR Remote Controlled

  • 6 Speed Control

  • Available in 8 colours

  • 2+1 years of warranty

  • Price range of INR 3580/-



Energy Efficient

Slightly high-priced

Optimum Airflow

Complex wiring

Whisper-quiet Operation

Additional cost on batteries

Inverter compatible

Longer lifespan

Remotely controlled

Do not produce heat


Adaptable with low voltages

Low maintenance

Reasons to choose Atomberg Renesa for your home

Atomberg Renesa is an all-in-one fan that gives you more just in one appliance whether it is superior air or functionality. Since it came into the market it has become a most popular BLDC fan. There are plenty of reasons and features that make it impressive to have in homes. Here explore the features of Atomberg Renesa.

Power Efficiency

Power consumption is the main concern whenever you buy an appliance for homes as the appliances take a lot of electricity to run. However, Atomberg Renesa addresses and resolves this issue with its power-saving feature.

The Atomberg Renesa fan is equipped with a BLDC motor that is known for its energy efficiency. This fan consumes around 35 watts of energy which is significantly less energy than normal fans. By saving up to 65% of power, it can help you decrease your electricity bills and save around 1500-1600 INR within a year.

This fan has 6-speed controls, consuming only 28 watts at 5 speeds and just 6 watts at the lowest speed, isn’t that impressive? Atomberg Renesa has been honored with the ‘National Energy Conservation Awards’ in 2022 for its extreme energy efficiency.

This fan is highly recommendable in homes as it is a cost-effective investment that can save you a lot more annually.

Silent Spinning

To have an interrupted nap without any disturbance the Atomberg Renesa BLDC ceiling fan is the best choice for your home. It feels annoying when you are taking a good nap, studying, or meditating and the unwanted noise from your fan starts disturbing you.

The Renesa is a noiseless ceiling fan that definitely takes care of your quiet ambiance with its silent spinning. This fan contains a DC motor which is brushless in nature, ensuring severe and smooth operation due to the absence of friction in it.

The fan is specially designed to provide silent functioning all along, creating a peaceful and comfortable environment. Install Atomberg Renesa in your home and say goodbye to the loud humming noises that distract you from concentrating.

Remote functioning

It can be rather bothersome when we have to walk to the wall regulator to adjust the speed of the fans. But Atomberg Renesa, the remotely controlled fan solves this problem and gives you more comfortable breeze control at your fingertips.

Indeed, what you heard is right. Now in this digital era, fans are not left behind in innovations, so the Atomberg Renesa is a smart fan, and with its smart functioning, provides a comfortable and easy-going daily life.

The remote feature of this fan allows you to adjust the fan’s speed while sitting anywhere in the room even curled up under the blanket by just taking one hand out, and enjoying the breeze setting the way you want it.

Along with speed settings, this fan has boost mode, timer mode, and sleep mode that help to slow speed and turn off the fan automatically when needed. This feature is quite impressive because it suits every age group, especially for old people who can not walk to the wall regulator consistently.

Superior Airflow

The primary function of a fan is to provide air and if the fan’s speed and air delivery are not that up to the mark then other praiseworthy features become irrelevant. Here, Atomberg Renesa proves to be a highly efficient fan in its energy and air delivery.

This fan is in high demand due to its capability to offer high speed with the topmost airflow. The Renesa fan spins at the speed of 360 RPM with a maximum of 235 CMM air delivery.

Equipped with a lightweight motor and aerodynamic angled blades, Atomberg Renesa covers all corners of the living space and provides you with a gentle and comfortable breeze throughout.

Durability and Low Maintenance

The ceiling fan is the type of appliance that is a one-time purchase for a long time, so the durability of the fan comes first after effective airflow. The Atomberg Renesa fan is the one that proves the statement says ‘One-time investment’.

This fan is made of high-quality components and fewer mechanical parts. The sturdy and steady body of this fan protects it from wobbling, ensuring stable operation throughout.

Also, this fan saves you money on maintenance as Rensa is a very low-maintenance fan. Due to its brushless motor and absence of friction in mechanical parts, this fan has less wear and tear and hence requires less maintenance which leads to an increase in its lifespan.

On the other hand, normal fans are generally high maintenance due to their brushed motors and have a shorter life. Along with other features, Renesa is also not disappointing you in its durability and saves you on its maintenance too.


In conclusion, the Atomberg Renesa fan represents a significant shift in cooling options. The listed parameters of this fan make it one-of-a-kind among other fans. The energy efficiency, silent spinning, durability, high speed, aesthetic design, inverter-friendly, and remote controlling features collectively make it a standout fan in the ceiling fan industry. By choosing Atomberg Renesa you invest in cutting-edge technology, embracing a comfortable lifestyle and a greener world.

If you are looking for a fan to upgrade your home then Atomberg Renesa could be the best start that can bring change to your home with its smart functioning and can give you an unmatched cooling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What warranty period is offered by Atomberg Renesa?

The Atomberg Renesa comes with 2+1 years of warranty, 2 years of warranty on the product, and 1 year of extended warranty.

Q2. Is Atomberg Technologies an Indian brand?

Yes, Atomberg Technologies is an Indian brand, founded in Mumbai in 2015 and co-founded by university friends Manoj Meena and Sibabrata Das.

Q3. Is Atomberg Renesa compatible with voltage fluctuations?

Yes, due to its brushless technology, Atomberg Renesa works fine at low voltages without compromising on its speed.


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