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Crompton Energion BLDC Fan: A Detailed Review 2024

Updated: Jun 11

Crompton Energion Review

Are you thinking of renovating your home with Crompton’s ceiling fan? If yes, then the Energion series can be the one that will cater to all your requirements and needs. But how??

The in-depth review of Crompton Energion BLDC fans can give all the answers to your confusion if you are even a little confused about your choice.

The Crompton fans have been in the market for decades, and from the normal fans to revolutionary BLDC fans, Crompton has come a long way in the race for technological advancement.

The Energion ceiling fans have been designed with today's digital generation and their preferences in consideration.

Let’s delve into this article for a deeper comprehensive of Crompton Energion BLDC fans, and see what makes this series stand out from other BLDC fans and are they value for money.

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Why Crompton Energion is a Reliable Choice

Crompton is an Indian consumer brand and has a reputed name in the home appliances market which is renowned for its quality and reliable products.

The Energion series is one of the premier innovations of Crompton that has become the popular choice of homeowners due to their ability to satisfy the specific needs and requirements of today's customers.

The Crompton Energion HS, Energion Hyperjet, and Crompton Cromair utilise cutting-edge BLDC motors and come with BEE 5-star ratings which make them highly energy-efficient.

The Energion models of Crompton come in sleek, modern and wooden touch design and lightweight body, delivering exquisite touch and stable operation in homes.

Featuring brushless motors, these fans deliver smoother and quieter airflow without any heat generation.

The Energion fans combine high performance with energy saving and are listed among the best BLDC fans in India, standing as the ideal choice for home.

For a deeper understanding, below are the detailed explanations of the Crompton Energion series including their specifications and features and the reasons why these fans are becoming a popular choice.

Crompton Energion HS

Crompton Energion HS


  • Energy Consumption of 35 Watts

  • Air Delivery of 220 CMM

  • Speed of 370 RPM

  • Remote control

  • 5 Speed Control

  • Available in 3 colors

  • 5 years of warranty

  • Price range of INR 2,769/-

Crompton Energion Hyperjet

Crompton Energion Hyperjet


  • Energy Consumption of 35 Watts

  • Air Delivery of 220 CMM

  • Speed of 340 RPM

  • Remote control

  • 5 Speed Control

  • Available in 3 colors

  • 2 years of warranty

  • Price range of INR 2,499/-

Crompton Energion Cromair

Crompton Energion Cromair


  • Energy Consumption of 28 Watts

  • Air Delivery of 220 CMM

  • Speed of 350 RPM

  • Remote control

  • 5 Speed Control

  • 5 years of warranty

  • Price range of INR 4,316/-

We have taken some basic parameters against which we have compared the performance of the Energion fans with some other best ceiling fans. We have evaluated all the parameters one by one and given a brief on how these fans fulfill the expectations of the customers and how these fans benefit them.

Crompton Energion: Evaluated Performance on the Basis of 5 Parameters

Energy Efficiency

First things first, energy consumption is the primary yet important thing that is considered when purchasing a ceiling fan for homes.

The Energion models of Crompton are highly energy-efficient and consume only 28-35 watts of energy while providing consistent adequate airflow and do not put stress on your pocket.

When comparing Energion fans with old traditional fans, these fans save up to 60% of power and help in cost cutting electricity bills by saving around 1500-1600 rupees per year.

Moreover, the power-saving ability of these fans makes them a cost-effective and valuable investment for homes. Also, these fans commit to promoting sustainability by reducing carbon emissions.

If saving power and high productivity are preferences then Crompton Energion fans never disappoint you as they give outstanding output while minimising your electricity bills.

Powerful Air Delivery

It is not possible that Crompton fans are not effective. Crompton’s fans are known for their superior and durable performance. This parameter is crucial in any fan because all we want is a good and cool breeze.

Despite being energy efficient, the Energion fans offer tremendous air delivery with maximum speed. Built with powerful motors and precise angled blades, these fans deliver higher air circulation all over the living space and ensure comfortable cooling in rooms.

These fans offer 5-speed control to boost the level of airflow, creating extra wind-chill effects to beat the heat of hotter months.

Quieter Operation

When Crompton Energion fans are here then you don’t need to stress about the noisy environment while doing important calm tasks. Yes, you heard it right.

The Energion models are designed to take care of your peace by providing quieter operation. Whether you want to sleep, study, or have an official meeting, Energions fans do not disrupt you in fact ensure smoother and serene airflow throughout the year.

The advanced motor design and absence of brushes in the motor make these fans much quieter and make them ideal for a peaceful environment.

Their whisper-quiet performance makes them the perfect choice for bedrooms, study rooms, and other quiet spaces.

By choosing Compton Energion fans, you can welcome peace in your home and concentrate on tasks while enjoying a smooth and noise-free cool breeze.

Durability and Performance

When it comes to durability, you can trust Crompton’s fans without any second thought. The Energion fans give you hassle-free and long-lasting cooling solutions.

The Energion series are engineered for lasting performance, the strong motor and high-grade materials are used in these fans which ensure their durability.

The only cause of damage in fans is the presence of friction in the motor but Energion fans are designed with brushless or BLDC motors which prevent them from damage, thanks to the frictionless operation.

The sturdy build restricts these fans from wobbling and ensures stable operation throughout the year without any wear off which means there is not even a need to worry about frequent maintenance or replacements.

The Energion fans proved to be an effective one-time investment for a long time and also offer a good warranty period on each model. Stay worry-free about the life of Energion fans as they have longer lifespans.

Additionally, they are made to operate longer on inverters and they perform smoothly even at voltage fluctuation without compromising on their speed.

These fans are the perfect choice for the areas where power cut is the common issue.

Remote Operation

If you want to experience uninterrupted sleep nights and make your fan-controlling task easier then Crompton Energion fans are the perfect solution for you.

The Energion fans are one of the best remote control fans which offer very handy and effective remotes to add convenience to your daily life.

These fans offer multiple customizations like turning on/off a fan, variable speed settings, timer mode, and boost mode, enabling users to operate a fan as per their requirements.

You can easily adjust the fan’s speed by pointing the remote anywhere in the room and can enjoy the comfiest environment without putting effort.

If you wish to turn off the fan at midnight, you don’t need to wake up anymore to turn off Energion fans as their timer settings allow you to set time as you desire and can switch off after hours.

The Energion fans with a remote control feature, offer unmatched comfort in your living space and take your cooling experience to the next level.


In conclusion, the Crompton Energion fans are the perfect choice for those who are looking to upgrade their home with energy-efficient, quieter, and super-effective fans. With sleek and stylish designs, these fans give a pleasing look to your home.

Among the three models, one model might be a little expensive but the long-term cost savings on electricity bills and low maintenance make it a worthwhile investment.

From the above reasons, these fans have proved to be economical and functional investments for homes. By saving huge costs on utility bills and offering superior performance, Energion fans are becoming the favorite choices for homeowners.

If you prioritise higher performance without burning a hole in your pocket then these fans are the perfect addition to your home. Otherwise, the selection of fans for home totally depends on your personal preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Crompton Energion fans value for money?

Yes, Crompton Energion fans are value for money. They offer unmatched performance with praiseworthy features that make them worthy choices.

Q2. Do Crompton Energion fans produce heat?

No. Designed with a brushless motor, Energion fans do not produce heat due to the absence of friction which is the only reason for heat generation.

Q3. Which model of Crompton Energion comes with the dust-resistant feature?

Crompton Energion Hyperjet and Cromair fans come with an anti-dust feature with powder-coated aluminum and wood finish blades that prevent fans from accumulating dirt.


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