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Best BLDC Ceiling Fan Manufacturers in India 2024

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

BLDC Fan Manufacturers in India

If you are looking for BLDC fan manufacturers then you are on the right page on the web. In today's world, energy consumption is becoming increasingly important. Some of the leading ceiling fan manufacturers have identified this need of the moment and have made energy consumption successful through the latest invention of BLDC technology in fans.

Homes in this modern world are in utmost need of fast, reliable, as well as high-end fans. These high-tech fans consist of BLDC technology and brushless motors get used within these fans. The best aspect of using BLDC is that it has a consistent output even with fluctuating input voltage. BLDC Fan Manufacturers in India have made these smart-operating fans with the most amazing technology features.

The modern BLDC ceiling fans that you can find in the market are not only super efficient but also aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, they come with many advanced features such as remote functionality, higher speed, and an inverter-friendly motor.

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Let’s Have a Closer Look at BLDC Technology offered by BLDC Fan Manufacturers in India

The BLDC technology has been around for a couple of decades and it is implemented in industries requiring high-torque motors. However, If we compare the BLDC fans vs Normal fans its application was missing the manufacturing of ceiling fans. BLDC fans manufacturer startups like Versa Drives which offers Superfan and Atomberg supply Gorilla fans. Compared to traditional fans, they consume up to 65% less energy.

Advantages of BLDC Motor

  • Low energy consumption (savings up to 65%)

  • Longer inverter backup

  • Less noise

  • Longer life

List of Best BLDC Fans Manufacturers Offering Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans in India

1. Atomberg

Atomberg is a leading BLDC fan manufacturer in India founded by a group of young and zealous IIT’ans. It entered the market in 2013 which was right after the launch of Superfan. They have launched their ceiling fans with the brand name Gorilla Fans. They are one of the most popular BLDC fan brands in the online market with a 4+ star rating. When it comes to customer service, Atomberg is on top.

They are always ready to solve their customers' issues related to fans. Atomberg’s Gorilla fans come with 3 years of warranty. They come in 2 varieties which are Renesa and Efficio. You can get Renesa in 1200 mm blades and Effcio in between 900 and 1400 mm blade sizes.

2. Orient

After witnessing the accomplishment of Gorilla-Fans and Superfans, Orient Electric was one of the traditional ceiling fan manufacturers that started producing BLDC fans. Orient Electrics launched its first BLDC fan in the year 2015. It currently offers these fans in a 1200 mm blade size along with a power consumption of 30-50 watts.

Talking about air delivery, it is one of the lowest compared to the average of 220 m3/min. Most of the BLDC models come with 2 years of warranty which is comparatively on the lesser side. The Orient fans work really well even under the voltage of 140 volts.

3. Havells

Havells is one of the most trusted FMEG (fast-moving electrical goods) companies in the Indian market. It is a company that is known to manufacture products that are second to none.

Havells fans consume the least energy amongst the established ceiling fan brands offering 1200 mm blade size. Consuming just 25 watts (three times less than an ordinary induction motor), they deliver air at 220 m3/min.

4. Crompton

Crompton is another renowned name in the ceiling fan industry and also a leading BLDC fan manufacturer It had been avoiding the manufacturing of BLDC ceiling fans for the longest time. However, its Energion series of BLDC ceiling fans have recently entered the market. Their fans come with a trustworthy warranty of 5 years. They can perfectly work with the widest range of voltages (90V-300V). They come in a blade size of 1200 mm along with an air delivery of 220 m3/min.

Offering all these features at once, Crompton is known to be one of the top BLDC fan manufacturers in India.

5. Superfan

As we have already mentioned earlier, Versa Drives is the Pioneer of BLDC fans in India. The first of these fans entered the market in 2012 with the brand name Superfan. This was the beginning of the most energy-efficient fans in our country. This company offers a number of BLDC fans that come in blade sizes ranging 900mm-1400mm along with a warranty of 5 years. Moreover, you can find them in 10 alluring colors.


We hope our market analysis of some of the Best BLDC ceiling fan manufacturers in India has helped you in some way. Apart from the brands covered in this post, there are more than 20 other BLDC Fan Companies in India that are offering BLDC fan in India with 5-star ratings.

Choosing the best one requires considering several factors. Such as the cost of the fan, the size of the space you want to cover, your preference of design, power source, etc.

All these fans are manufactured to provide maximum air at the lowest power. However, they all are different from each other. So you can make a choice by weighing their features and your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Which company introduced BLDC fans in India?

Versa Drives is the company that is known for introducing BLDC fans in India for the first time. A variety of options were introduced in the market with differences in their colors, designs, and features.

The company ensured that there were appropriate options available for different users and their unique needs and this is what allows the company to be one of the leading BLDC ceiling fans manufacturers in India.

2. Can we operate the BLDC fan without a remote?

Absolutely yes! A regulator is normally not needed for operating and controlling the BLDC fans as they can be controlled with a remote. However, there is the availability of both regulators and remote-based control in BLDC fans. Users can choose an option on the basis of their preferences.

3. Which is the best BLDC fan in India?

Among the best BLDC fans in India, there are some brands like Atomberg, Orient, Superfan, Crompton, and Havells. However, Atomberg Gorilla fans have been among the most popular BLDC fan manufacturers that are used by consumers. Both the product and the after-sales service of Atomberg have been found to be ideal for users. The feature of a built-in timer in the fan makes it an exception from other options available.

4. Are BLDC fans good?

The highly efficient and brushless BLDC motors utilized in these fans make them exceptionally good. Users can enjoy a noise-free and heat-less experience as they choose BLDC fans.

The exclusive features of these fans are possible with their brushless motor design. The amazing power-to-weight ratio of the fan makes it a lightweight yet great performer. Low energy consumption is another great feature of BLDC fans. In a nutshell, BLDC fans are reliable and preferable when compared to conventional fans.

5. What is the lifespan of the BLDC motor?

The lifespan of a BLDC motor is longer than conventional motors utilized in other fans because of the brushless DC motor used in it. This is possible because this motor does not get overheated as magnetic fields are not focused toward the fan’s center but around it.

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