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Are BLDC Fans reliable? & How it Works 2024

Updated: Mar 30

Are BLDC fans reliable?

Ceiling fans are one of the least talked-about appliances. When we build homes or shift to one, we just pick the ones that come into our budget. At most, we search for the BEE star label or its brand value. If you have asked a question about a BLDC fan's reliability, then we believe that you are actually looking for a durable fan that comes with advanced technology.

Well, before you ask this above question, let us explain In this article, we will help you get a deeper insight into understanding how BLDC fans are one step ahead of regular fans.


What is BLDC motor technology?

Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) is a variant of DC motors that runs without carbon brushes. There are basically two types of Direct Current based motors- Brushed DC motors and brushless DC motors. The BLDC motor is powered by mainly three components- a stator, a rotor, and a shaft or commutator. A commutator spins the rotor when an external electric current is passed through the coiling on the stator. In the case of BLDC motors, there is an electronic sensor to conduct this process.

How do BLDC motors work in fans?

A fan that runs on a BLDC motor is called a BLDC fan. The regular fans that we use in homes are operated by induction motors which use carbon brushes to rotate the rotors. But in the case of BLDC fans, the Hall sensor is used for this same purpose, as discussed above. Also, in place of electromagnets on stators, a BLDC motor fan has permanent magnets.

These permanent magnets convert alternate current (AC) into direct current (DC), making the fans more energy efficient. The use of electronic sensors in place of carbon brushes also helps the fan to increase its lifespan by reducing any mechanical damage due to wear and tear.

What makes BLDC fans better than regular fans?

As already mentioned, BLDC fans are more energy efficient. In fact, a BLDC fan can save up to 60% of energy because of advanced motor technology.

  • A BLDC fan can give equal and better airflow even at a lower voltage. It works smoothly even during voltage fluctuations.

  • BLDC motors are not prone to spark and mechanical damage because they don’t have carbon brushes.

  • There is no friction in motors which keeps your fans cool and calm- which means these fans don’t get heated up or don’t make a noise like the regular fans.

  • BLDC fans are compatible, smart, and need very less maintenance.

  • Most of the BLDC fans come with remote controls which help you control the fan speed without disturbing your deep sleep.

Does a BLDC fan run hassle-free for 10 years?

With almost no mechanical damage and smooth operation, the BLDC fan lifespan is more longer and can give you a hassle-free and long-term windy experience. These advanced air propellers are superior in all aspects to the traditional ones, and it goes the same for their durability. Though it’s not possible to give you an exact figure of how long they can last, these fans are definitely longer-lasting than their traditional counterparts.

Here are the reasons why:

  • The motor doesn’t produce heat, so there’s no spark or other related damage.

  • There is no moving part, meaning there is nothing to break or wear out over time.

  • They take less electricity and are more efficient, meaning there is less strain on the motor and the bearing.

  • The use of high-electrolytic copper wire for winding ensures longevity.

  • All these fans use a high-quality powdered coated aluminum coating that avoids dust and corrosion.

Life Span of BLDC Fans?

BLDC fans are emerging as more efficient and cutting-edge technology in the world of ceiling fans. With a more powerful motor and advanced technology, the lifespan of BLDC fans is comparatively much more than traditional ones. Following are the reasons why they can offer you a longer-lasting experience.

Brushless Motor:

These fans are based on Brushless Direct Current technology which is the most important reason why these fans are so long-lasting. Unlike brushed motor fans, they don’t get heated up and, therefore, barely need any maintenance.

High-quality copper winding:

The high-quality copper winding makes the motor stable and extends its lifespan.

Advanced UI-based operation:

The automated User Interface based technology doesn’t require much mechanical action, so the fan remains damage-free for extended periods.


The high torque motors can run smoothly even at a wide voltage range. For example, Crompton’s Energion can deliver equal and optimum airflow at a voltage range from 90v to 300v.

No heat generation:

As there is no brush and friction, the motors never get heated up, so the fans don’t go through any mechanical damage.

Energy Efficiency:

BLDC fans consume only 25 to 35 watts of electricity which is almost 60% of the amount consumed by traditional ones. With less electricity consumption, these fans put lesser stress on the motors, helping them last longer.

All of these features mentioned above make this super-energy-saver, noiseless, environment-friendly BLDC fans stand out as the reliable and durable option when ceiling fans are the topic of discussion.

So, are BLDC Fans reliable?

Yes, BLDC fans are reliable. We have thoroughly reviewed many available options on the market, compared BLDC with the traditional ones, and concluded that they are better and more reliable in all aspects. In this write-up, you can get a clear idea about the technology, features, and advantages of BLDC fans also we believe that you will make an informed decision about purchasing one.

There are a lot of reputable Ceiling fan brands that make durable and stylish BLDC fans and offer an extendable warranty as well. Some of them are- Crompton, Havells, Orient, Atomberg, etc. You may choose the model that suits your requirements.


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