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How BLDC Fans Can Save Your Money 2024

How BLDC Fans Can Save Your Money

Ready to know how a BLDC fan can save you a lot of money? BLDC (Brushless DC) fans have been in the spotlight ever since they entered the market and their adoption is increasingly rising for good reasons.

Ceiling fans are the staple parts and the primary cooling appliance in homes that provide us relief from the hot weather. In the search for energy efficiency and cost saving, BLDC fans emerged as the game changer in the fan industry.

BLDC fans are highly efficient in terms of functioning and energy. They not only offer superior cooling performance but they also offer significant long-term cost savings.

In this article, we delve into how BLDC fans can help you save money and how they stand out as the ideal investment for your home.

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Cost-Saving Factors of BLDC Fan

1. Power Efficiency

One of the primary money-saving factors of BLDC fans is their exceptional energy efficiency. They consume so much less energy than traditional fans that you can ever imagine.

Unlike traditional fans that rely on induction motors, BLDC fans utilise advanced DC motors that have no carbon brushes but instead contain permanent magnets and an electronic controller.

BLDC fans are designed to reduce energy consumption, they consume only 28-35 watts at the highest speed while delivering the same level of cooling comfort.

They have been described as economical because they save around 1500 rupees by saving up to 65% of electricity, resulting in significant savings on your monthly electricity bills.

2. Longevity and Reduced Maintenance Cost

Extended lifespan is another cost-saving factor for BLDC fans. The life of a BLDC fan is generally longer than a traditional fan. These advanced fans are engineered for durability and longevity due to their brushless design.

Traditional fans that utilise induction motors produce heat and are prone to wear & tear due to the friction generated by brushes and movement in components.

In contrast, BLDC fans utilise DC motors that have no carbon brushes in them, eliminating mechanical wear and requiring less frequent replacement, resulting in extending the lifespan of a fan.

BLDC fans are made with high-quality parts and have sturdy body that do not wobble while spinning, ensuring stable and durable performance. This feature not only enhances the durability of BLDC fans but also reduces maintenance costs over time, contributing to long-term savings.

3. Reducing Cooling Cost on AC

When compared to conventional fans, BLDC fans provide much better performance, providing cool air with unmatched comfort. BLDC fans are not only a cost-effective investment but also can complement the air conditioner cooling system.

These fans can circulate airflow efficiently all over the place and cool down living spaces rapidly, resulting in reducing the usage of AC which will help in minimizing the electricity units as the air conditioners consume a high amount of energy.

BLDC fans can be the best and provide you exceptional chilled breeze when the temperature is not too high. Basically, they save the specific amount of electricity that is used in the utilisation of AC.

4. Reduced Inverter battery backup

Inverter friendliness of BLDC fans makes them more compatible in overall savings. BLDC fans are employed with BLDC motor that do not require much energy to run.

Where only one traditional fan can run on an inverter, 3-4 BLDC fans can run on the same inverter because BLDC fans run 3 times longer than traditional fans. They save battery backup by consuming fewer units of inverter.

Ultimately, BLDC fans save battery as well as electricity and contribute to overall monthly cost savings.

5. Reverse option

BLDC fans are a jackpot, why so? Now ceiling fans can provide pleasantly warm air too along with cool air and can save the cost of spending money on heating products that are used in winter to get warm air.

Generally, the fan rotates in an anti-clockwise direction to provide cooling effects. However, the BLDC ceiling fans come with a reverse option, meaning they can rotate in a clockwise direction and circulate a hot breeze in the room by pulling cool air upward and throwing humid air downward.

BLDC fans are not only compatible for summer but also for winter as they can offer both hot and cool air, providing comfort all year long and helping to save costs from spending on heaters.

Energy Consumption Comparison: Regular Vs BLDC Fans

As we discussed earlier, BLDC fans are renowned for their reduced energy consumption, saving up to 65% of electricity while maintaining consistent superior airflow.

BLDC fans are super money savers for the above good reasons, they prove to be a more cost-effective option than traditional fans. These fans are not only for providing effective cool breeze but also for providing notable features and adding extra comfort in homes.

Now, let’s understand mathematically how BLDC fans save money on electricity. The below table is about the comparison of energy consumption between BLDC fan vs Normal fan.

Generally, normal fans consume 70-80 watts of energy, and BLDC fans 28-35 watts. Let’s assume the fans run on average 15 hours per day, and 75 watts of energy is consumed by a normal fan, and 30 watts of power is consumed by a BLDC fan

Assuming the price of electricity is Rs 6.5 per unit (the price varies based on the area and consuming units). Let’s look closely and calculate the money difference between these two.

Type of Fans

Regular Fans


Power Consumption

75 Watts

30 Watts

Daily hours of usage



Electricity usage per hour (kWh)

0.075 units

0.030 units

Electricity usage per day (kWh)

1.125 units

0.45 units

Electricity Cost per day (Rs 6.5 per unit)



Annual Electricity Bill

Rs. 2669.06

Rs. 1067.62

This evaluation shows the major difference in energy consumption units between normal fans and BLDC fans. As you can see, by using BLDC fans in your home, you can save around 1600 rupees within a year, imagine how much you can save in more years.


In conclusion, BLDC fans are more than just a modern decorative addition to your home. These fans stand out as the best BLDC fans in India as they are a cost-effective investment that can save you money in the long run. By significantly reducing energy consumption, minimising maintenance costs, reducing the usage of inverter batteries, and enhancing overall comfort, BLDC fans provide cost-saving sustainable cooling solutions for homes.

Ultimately, BLDC fans are the best alternative to reduce household expenses over traditional fans. This way BLDC fans can save money and give you an excellent performance without putting pressure on your pocket.


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