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5 Technological Revolutions in India 2024

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

It seems like every day, there are new innovations and inventions which have the potential to change the way people live and interact with the world. It is hard to keep up with the latest updates, but a few transformational moments in the history of technology were revolutionary. They were influential in their day and still continue to influence our lives today.

5 Technological Evolution in India

In this article, we have compiled 5 most prominent technological revolutions that changed the world for the better.

No doubt, The Internet!

Nowadays, practically everything we do is done online, whether it be how we read, write, or even shop or work. The way we have made the internet an integral part of our lives makes it the biggest revolution in history!

From chit-chatting to Metaverse, from browsing to 5G, from online payments to International trading, from online shopping to building up your own start-up, all of these have been extensively possible in the last few years, only through the internet.

LED Lights- Brighter and Better

Every street looks brighter, and no home is dark at night, all thanks to the invention of LED lights.

“What change can a light make?”- Probably this was the question in everyone’s mind when they heard about these newly invented expensive lights. But the result is in front of us, glowing in every corner of the world. This invention has saved up to 85% of the electricity that was used by traditional light bulbs! From saving one household’s electricity bill to conserving electricity for the whole world, LEDs have made this change possible.

Everyone jumped on board when the Indian Government started installing LEDs to improve domestic and commercial lighting in the country as well as energy consumption. With these bright, efficient, and energy-saving bulbs, not only homes and buildings got improved lighting but also areas that have been under the open sky for ages got brightened up.

The EVs- Electric vehicles

These days, people are not worried about paying for a vehicle but more about paying for fuel. Thanks to the advancing technology and the invention of Electric vehicles bringing a significant change for the planet, the automobile industries, and the public!

The upfront cost of an electric car may seem expensive, but it’s a better investment if one considers the overall running cost of a vehicle. With the headlines screaming about how electric cars are slowly creeping over their petrol counterparts, you’ll be tempted to believe that the average annual running cost of an electric car can be less than half of that of a petrol car!

To be more precise, a petrol car that runs 50 Km every day may cost about 2 Lakhs ($2414) per year, whereas an electric car’s running cost is approximately 45000 Rs. ($548).

From an environmental safety point of view, an electric car will always be the right option, considering it runs on renewable energy and restricts pollution.

BLDC technology: Future of DC Motors

A new variant of DC motors has been in the talks for a couple of years now! Brushless DC Motors (BLDC Motors) is a recent invention that is used to run on high-torque machinery and gives tremendous results in terms of energy saving.

BLDC Fans are one of the most successful achievements of BLDC motors which are known to consume only half the energy required to run traditional fans. If you compare the energy consumption, power, and performance between BLDC fans vs. Normal fans. you will know how efficient these fans are.

Havells, Crompton, Atomberg, and Superfan are some of the BLDC fan manufacturers in India who are doing reasonably well in this sector. They have various other features that make the fans eco-friendly and energy efficient.

Solar Energy Panels: The only Permanent Source of Power

The conversion of solar energy to electricity has been widely used for many years, and everyone knows about it now. But the photovoltaic cell-mounted panels, otherwise called Solar Panels, have truly been a revolution in technology. With their compactness and portability, they are used for households and industries.

The Indian Government has taken many initiatives to utilize solar energy as a power resource. Bhadhla Park in Rajasthan, India, is a brilliant example of a solar energy plant that produces 2245 MW of energy.

Who thought that one day you could generate electricity on your own just by putting some solar panels on your roof?


All these innovations discussed above are successful because they started with a vision bigger than mere financial benefits. As a result, not just the brands that adopted these technologies are doing well, but the whole population is getting benefitted.

Let’s say you have BLDC ceiling fans and LED lights at home, and all of these appliances are powered by solar energy generated from your own solar panel. Not to forget, you use an electric car too! Now calculate how much money you can save on your electricity bills and how much energy you can save for your next generation! Isn’t it wonderful to know that one person can make a significant difference for all?

The world has changed by these noble inventions and technological revolutions, but how much we benefit from them depends upon us.


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