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Best Ceiling Fans Under 5000 with Comparison

Updated: Apr 22

Ceiling Fans Under 5000

Are you ready to make this summer all breezy with a ceiling fan? Well, look no further! As we are here to give you respite from the heat with a compiled list of the best ceiling fans under 5000 in India.

A ceiling fan is a staple appliance in the home that plays an important role in providing relief from sweltering heat and creating a comfortable environment.

So, no one should compromise while making a purchase of a ceiling fan for their home.

However, finding an effective ceiling fan for your home with a myriad of options available in the market is still a task. Fear not!

Let’s delve into this article to look into the list of top ceiling fans under 5000 in India that can make your decision easier and let you choose the perfect fan for your home.


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Comparison Chart of Ceiling Fans Under 5000

Product Name

Power Consumption

Warranty Coverage

Ratings by Customer

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Atomberg Renesa Smart

35 Watts

2 Years


Crompton Energion Cromair

28 Watts

5 Years


Orient Electric Jazz

33 Watts

3 Years


Havells Elio Fan

28 Watts

2 Years


Superfan Super X1

35 Watts

5 Years



Detailed List of Ceiling Fans under 5000

1. Atomberg Renesa Smart

Atomberg Renesa Smart

Atomberg is a leading ceiling fan brand that is shining in the fan industry due to its wide range of unique and quality fans, catering to different needs and requirements.

The Renesa Smart ceiling fan stands out as the best choice for your home when it comes to delivering outstanding functioning and styling.

This is a 5-star rated fan that is equipped with a high-speed BLDC motor, ensuring maximum air delivery while consuming less energy as compared to traditional fans.

Its smart features like IoT and remote control enhance the overall comfort of your home and add convenience to your day-to-day life.

The matte finish and inbuilt LED of this fan, give a touch of sophistication to homes and elevate the ambience of the home.

The Renesa offers commendable features that make it popular and a great choice. Let’s take a look at its specifications for deeper knowledge.


  • Energy Consumption of 35 watts

  • Air Delivery of 235 CMM

  • Speed of 360 RPM

  • Remote and IoT control

  • LED underlight

  • 6-speed control

  • Available in 4 colours

  • 2+1 years of warranty

Why should you pick this fan

If you are looking to bring a modern touch to your home with enhanced functioning.

Reason to Buy

Reason to Avoid

Higher Airflow

Internet mandatory for IoT

Save power up to 65%

Inverter friendly

Do not produce heat

Compatible with low voltage

Strong built

2. Crompton Energion Cromair

Crompton Energion Cromair

Crompton has been a reliable brand for ages offering high-quality consumer products. The Crompton Energion Cromair is the best-selling fan which is known for its durability and functionality.

The Energion Cromair fan comes with a BEE 5-star rating meaning it is a highly energy-efficient fan that saves a lot on electricity consumption.

This model is designed with brushless technology and aerodynamic blades, ensuring optimum uniform air in all corners of the room and creating a comfortable environment.

With a dust-resistant feature, its powder-coated aluminium blades attract less dirt and also prevent a fan from getting rust, guaranteeing long life with improved air circulation.

Integrated with compelling features, providing you seamless cooling effect without stressing you out about the electricity bill. Let’s discuss its specifications and reasons to have it in your home.


  • Energy Consumption of 28 watts

  • Air Delivery of 220 CMM

  • Speed of 350 RPM

  • Remote control

  • 5-speed control

  • Comes in 4 colours

  • 5 years of warranty

Why should you pick this fan

If you wish to have higher performance with maximum warranty coverage while consuming less energy.

Reasons to Buy

Reasons to Avoid

Superior Airflow

No LED underlight

Highly energy efficient

Rust and dust-free

Save power

Silent Operation

Solar friendly

Wide voltage range

Longer lifespan

3. Orient Electric Jazz BLDC

Orient Electric Jazz BLDC

Orient Electric is a leading BLDC fan manufacturer in India that has made a mark in the industry due to its wide selection of stylish and quality ceiling fans.

The Jazz fan of Orient is one the top ceiling fans in India which delivers noteworthy airflow and its brushless DC motor ensures effortless operation throughout without worrying about utility bills.

The Electric Jazz is made of a powerful motor and high-quality materials that do not wear off easily, saving money on maintenance while giving you hassle-free smooth air circulation.

Moreover, it comes in an elegant design with various colour options that can blend with any type of interior and can uplift the entire home look. Below are its specifications that can tell you more about the fan.


  • 5 star rated

  • Energy Consumption of 33 watts

  • Air Delivery of 215 CMM

  • Speed of 350 RPM

  • Remotely controlled

  • 5-speed control

  • Available in 6 trendy colours

  • 3 years of warranty

Reason to pick this fan for your home

The reason to pick this fan is its energy efficiency, styling, and reliable performance.

Reasons to Buy

Reasons to Avoid

Saving 50% energy

Wobble while spinning

Powerful airflow


Serene Operation

Consistent performance even at low voltage

Run 3 times longer on inverter

4. Havells Elio Fan

Havells Elio Fan

How one can forget about Havells when it comes to the best? Havells is a well-known and reputed Indian brand in home appliances.

The Havells Elio ceiling fan sets the benchmark in terms of functioning and comes among the list of best BLDC fans in India.

The Elio fan lacks brushes in its innovative BLDC motor, delivering a flawless optimal cooling breeze while saving up to 60% of energy.

Plus, due to its brushless nature, this fan runs perfectly fine even at voltage fluctuations and runs 3 times longer on the inverter without slowing down or breaking its consistent operation.

The remote functioning of this fan allows you to customise the speed settings as per the requirements and also allows you to set the timers to turn off the fan without putting any effort when you wish to turn it off.

Additionally, its stylish design with a telescopic canopy gives a luxury look to the house. Let’s see the specifications of the Havells Elio fan.


  • Energy Consumption of 28 watts

  • Air Delivery of 225 CMM

  • Speed of 350 RPM

  • Remote control

  • 5-speed control

  • Comes in 9 colours

  • 2 years of warranty

Why choose this fan for your home

If you want to elevate your home ambience while saving money on electricity bills, this can be a cost-effective investment.

Reasons to Buy

Reasons to Avoid

Super energy efficient


High Air delivery

Little Noisy

Extended lifespan

Classy design


5. Superfan Super X1

Superfan Super X1

Superfan has transformed the fan industry in India with its cutting-edge technology and dedication to sustainability. It came into the market with the approach of innovation and eco-friendliness.

The Super X1 ceiling fan is shining out for its energy efficiency and admirable performance. This fan gives maximum airflow all over the living place while consuming minimal energy and lets you save a lot on electricity expenses.

This fan offers compelling advantages over traditional fans like remote control, compatibility with an inverter, spins silently, and many more that take your cooling experience to the next level.

The speciality of a Superfan is that it comes in a variety of different colours which can go with any kind of home decor. Have a look at the specifications of this fan.


  • Energy Consumption of 35 watts

  • Air Delivery of 230 CMM

  • Speed of 385 RPM

  • Remote control

  • 5-speed control

  • Available in 7 colours

  • 5 years of warranty

Why should you pick Superfan

If you wish to add more colours to your home and want to experience advanced functioning.

Reasons to Buy

Reason to Avoid

Energy saver

Take some time to start initially

Maximum Airflow

Lasts long

Whisper-quiet Operation

Friendly to the planet

UPS friendly

Stable performance with fluctuating voltages


In conclusion, the listed fans are the best ceiling fans under 5000 in India when it comes to getting relaxed from the sweltering heat. These fans are designed with innovative technology and numerous features that cater to the different needs and requirements of the customers.

Whether you wish to save electricity, experience optimum airflow, add convenience with smart functioning, have a peaceful environment or complement your home, these fans satisfy all the requirements and let you enjoy the summer.

Moreover, while taking care of users’ needs, these fans also take care of the needs of today’s as well as future generations by promoting sustainability.

So, why wait? Catch the deal right now and say bye to the hotter days this summer.


Q1. Which ceiling fan is the best under 5000?

In the fan market, there are plenty of options available but Crompton Energion Cromair, Orient Electric Jazz, Havells Elio, Superfan X1, and Atomberg Renesa Smart are some of the best fans under 5000.

Q3. Does any ceiling fan under Rs 5000 come with IoT control?

Yes, Atomberg Renesa Smart is a BLDC fan that comes with both remote and IoT control.

Q3. Is there any ceiling fan with underlight available under 5000?

No, there is no ceiling fan available with underlight under 5000.


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